How to look elegant in Streetwear

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Hey friends!!! Today I am back with another beautiful blog post which is about how to look elegant in Streetwear. Many people have this misconception that you can only look elegant in gowns and dresses but that’s far from the truth. You can look elegant in each and everything that you wear. What makes an outfit elegant is not the colour or kind of category it fits in but the way you carry it.

There are many other factors too like your body type, undertone, and face shape that influence your look. But, there are several tricks which work for everyone and every outfit. So, without wasting more time let’s jump right into the blog and learn the way to add elegance to Streetwear.

Let’s go

Streetwear Fashion tip 1: Add white colour

White is the most basic yet simple colour. If you have read my last blog post then you must be knowing that I talked about adding white colour in that post too. White colour has a kind of poise in itself which makes it a classic colour to wear. For Streetwear, you can just style a simple white tee with some blue jeans or simply wear a big oversized sweatshirt or a hoodie.

Look Elegant in Streetwear Fashion tip 1: Add white colour

Fashion tip 2: Avoid wearing the weird animal prints

I know many of you must be in love with those animal prints but they don’t look that good. They were in trend some years ago but now they are not so relevant anymore at least for me and I am sorry if my opinion offends you.

Fashion tip 3: Jewelry

You can wear those classic hoop earrings but remember if your outfit is too shiny or it has shimmer just like shimmery t-shirts or sweatshirts then avoid accessing them at all.

Fashion tip 4: Hairstyle

Try to wear hairstyles that match your personality. If you think you have a soft personality then you can carry a bun or simply leave your hair open. If you think you are more edgy or bold then you can simply carry dragon braids or double French braids.

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Look Elegant in Streetwear

Look Elegant in Streetwear Fashion tip 5: Handbags

You can carry handbags Or clutches to make your look even more attractive but you must know what looks better on your outfit. For example, If you are wearing jeans and a plain white T-shirt Or a shirt carry a big handbag, and if you are just wearing a hoodie you can carry a sling bag.

Fashion tip 6:Minimal makeup

Remember less is more try to wear minimal makeup don’t overdo it. Only mascara and lip gloss along with some foundation is enough to look beautiful. But, if you wanna look more elegant then you can wear red lipstick, it will totally transform your look. Sunglasses or spectacles can also be great accessories.

Look Elegant in Streetwear Fashion tip 7: Avoid wrinkled clothes

This is something that you must be wondering that everyone knows but it’s not the case. Many people make mistakes knowingly too. Always wear clothes that are well washed and ironed. They will give you a clean and polished look.

Look Elegant in Streetwear Fashion tip 7: Avoid wrinkled clothes

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By Aahana Tripathi

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