How To Knot And Tuck Your OverSized T-Shirts:

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It’s such a Cute Look For Summer!

Simple Oversized T-Shirts can be comparably polished as some other tops. The ideal tee truly makes a look, whether you wear it under a coat or all alone with pants. What’s more, curiously oversized t-shirts can be far superior to ordinary ones because of all the ways you can knot and tie them. A decent bunch, tie, as well as fold can totally change the outline and give them more of a shape. Also, now that hotter weather conditions are here with summer around the bend, these styles are ideal for the season. They’ll look very adorable with high-waisted pants or shorts when styled along these lines — or low-ascent ones if you’re feeling adventurous and dipping your toes once again into that disruptive trend.

OverSized T-Shirts

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I’m in no way, a specialist, yet tying your curiously large tee is easy to achieve — regardless of whether you could need to re-try it a couple of times to make certain about the look, as a matter of fact. Get a plain white one, a graphic design, or actually any loose Shirt to do this, but as a note, the more stretch it has, the simpler the means are.

Underneath, five different ways of tieing a t-shirt. Furthermore, trust me, if I got it done, so can you!

OverSized T-Shirts 2

Start With a Plain oversized tee.

Basic Front Knot:


OverSized T-Shirts 24563

This is doubtlessly the knot that first rings a bell, and it’ll change your oversize large tees into charming tank tops to wear this season. Hate that little end piece that jabs through though.

Overlap up your Shirt toward the back.

Gather the extra texture toward the front.


Wind the part until it frames a twisting.

Fold it over the ball and get the end piece through.

Smooth Front Knot:


OverSized T-Shirts 4

This is equivalent to the past style, with the exception of you taking the texture toward the end and folding it over the entire knot so it’s smooth. A simple fix!

Simple Front Tuck With a Knot: 

A hybrid between a truck and a knot, this is a simple move to shorten Shirts and give them that ~effortless~ look since it permits your top to still hang quite free.

OverSized T-Shirts 4 737

Snatch your tee along the edges and shorten it in the back.

Take a segment at one or the other side toward the front.

Freely curve the texture on one side.

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Tuck the end into your bottoms and change until you get your favored look.

Back Knot:


OverSized T-Shirts 4 6753

If you could do without the extra knotted fabric toward the front, simply change it up to the back! This stunt makes a roomy shirt more perfectly sized and allows you to shorten it to the length you need.

Crease up the shirt in the front to your ideal length.

Gather the extra material toward the back.

Begin bending that part until a spiral is created.

Fold the texture over the ball and get the end piece through the center.

As an optional step, if the end piece is sufficiently long, you can overlap it under the knot so it doesn’t show.

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Super-Cropped Front Knot:


OverSized T-Shirts 43763

This certainly shows more skin, But you can also wear a longline bralette and have it look free if you have any desire to add subtle but revealing detail.

Like the past knot, fold up the shirt toward the back yet somewhat higher.

Gather fabric in the front and overlay up the sides of the shirt higher.

Twist the part until it frames a spiral.

Keep folding over the ball and get the end piece through.

The Knot ought to be on the upper piece of your torso.

An optional step is to fold the whole Knot under the hem of your shirt if you want to conceal it.

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Open Back-Tuck:


OverSized T-Shirts 44537437

Back sweat is genuine, people, particularly in those blistering summer temps. Fold up your tee like this to get some air on your skin — and it’ll also give your plain old shirt a startling turn.

Use your fingers to fold the fabric right under your back bra lash.

Keep tucking and folding the fabric up under the elastic until you get your ideal look. It’s interesting and it could take two or three tries to look even!

Take the leftover fabric in the front and knot it on one side (see the main model).

Freely wrap that part up.

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