How to Identify Fake vs Quality Leather

real vs fake leather
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When searching for a good quality leather jacket, customers usually get confused between PU/Faux and Real or Genuine leather.

Good quality leather:

People who are aware of leather products can easily identify the difference, but those who do not end up getting a fake one.

Leather industry of Pakistan:

Pakistan is the 7th largest exporter of top-quality leather in Asia. Annual exports are Worth USD 1 Billion.

Major export markets:

The United States of America

United Kingdom                                                   




South Africa 

Pakistan 2nd the largest export earning sector. Contributes 5% of National GDP.  Continuously producing top-ranking cow, sheep, and goat skin leather.


Real vs fake:

How to identify real vs fake leather! Some people guess. I use to say you can smell it, nothing smells Like real leather. But today you can be fooled. Don’t you love the smell of car seats and then you yet know that the car companies producing sprays that smell like real leather?

Pros and cons of fake vs real leather:

Faux leather is not breathable, especially PVC Faux. Here PVC is the abbreviation of Polyvinyl chloride. But real leather is much more breathable, making it better for your skin and the air around you.

When the debate is about durability, real leather takes the cake on this one! The best thing about real leather is its durability. Real leather only gets better with age.

The moral of the story is that real leather is going to be the better option when choosing your next jacket, handbag, wallet, or belt. Although Faux leather may appear to be good at first glance (price, eco-conscious) real leather is going to be the better option in the long run.

Trust the REAL:

So your trust has to be in someone who has a leather business. Who makes and sells and creates leather goods and says trust us. We stay behind our products.

quality leather
quality leather 12

When it comes to trusting someone trusts someone who stands behind their products. We do that:

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By Sehrish Ziyad

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