How to get your perfect look: The truth

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Some say that to look perfect you have to have lots of clothes and expensive ones. Always have perfect hair and makeup and be beautiful.

But it doesn’t all have to be so complicated if you keep a few secret basics in mind, so, you can get the perfect look effortlessly.

The truth about your perfect look

To achieve the perfect outer look and special everyday outfits, just follow 6 simple steps:

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  1. Where do you go and what do you have to do?
    The first thing before choosing your outfit is to know where you are going. Location. It can be inside or outside. The type of event and what you are doing there. Are you working? Do you want to relax and have fun? Are you in the spotlight or not? and so on. Then you can decide which style of dress you should go for and if you have to follow any particular dress code.
  2. Circumstances. Weather. Your health. Time. Again. Think ahead about who you’re going with if you’re working if you’re on your own time. Maybe you have a specific uniform. What does the location look like? If you are at a party in a place with a slippery floor you should be careful about the shoes you choose, or if it is windy outside and you are wearing short earrings you might get unpleasant surprises.
  3. What do you want to express?
    Depending on what you want to express and how you want those around you to perceive you, you need to consider the following aspects. The energy of your outfit, your silhouette type, and the colors of your clothes.
  4. Your accessories. When we prepare a new outfit, we already know to choose our clothes very carefully, but let’s not forget, to do the same with the accessories.
  5. The Center of Attention. The focus of your image can be the detail that makes the difference. A well-chosen center of interest will create a stylish, elegant, neat, and safe image. At the same time, an overloaded outfit will create a careless and vulgar image in the eyes of others, and it will make you feel not very uncomfortable.
  6. Your Attitude and the perfect outfit
    .Have you ever wonder why the same outfit looks great on you today but tomorrow not anymore? Why does the same simple shirt look perfect in a magazine picture, but not when you look in the mirror?, it’s simple. It’s you. You wear your clothes, they don’t wear you. When you put your personal mark on it everything changes. Your personal attitude is only yours and no one can take it from you. So, whatever you wear, it can look good on you, if you wear it with attitude, confidence, and self-love. Attitude makes you look beautiful and your outfit unique.

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The perfect look is not just about your clothes

To have a perfect image, it’s not enough just to have a perfect look, you also have to take into account what you transmit to others. And your emotions, moods, and energy are the first things you notice even if those around you don’t realize it. Here, is how to get a perfect first impression.

perfect look girl looking in mirror

I say to have the perfect image you have to balance your inner mood with your outer image and any outfit will look good on you when you feel good in your skin and wear it with confidence and self-love. And of course, you add the right styling rules for you to help you quickly achieve perfect everyday outfits with not much effort.

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