How to Get Dip Powder Nails At Home: Step-By-Step Tutorial

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What are Dip Powder Nails?

Give your nails that long-lasting shine and protective coat with colored powders. Get rid of your gel and artificial nails and up your nail game with the dip powder manicure. It differs from a typical manicure in that it lasts longer, looks exceptionally elegant, and preserves sensitive nails. Also, the procedure is extremely straightforward and superior to gel manicures in every way.

Dip powder manicure protects your nails against such unusual incidents. To get a long-lasting manicure, colored powder and a resin-type solution are used.

Step By Step Tutorial To Get Dip Powder Nails at Home

Prepare your materials before you continue. You will need the following elements to do a Dip Powder Manicure at home:

1. Cuticle remover

2. Scrapper

3. Remover of nail polish

4. Colored powder


5. Nail buffer

6. Nail glue or base coat

7. Clean soap or rubbing alcohol

(8) Resin glue

9. Activator

10. A dip powder manicure kit

Dip Powder Nails 1


1. Prepare your nails

If you are using nail polish, remove it with a nail paint remover and push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher. Use a scraper to remove any protruding cuticles. You should buff and file your nails.

2. Clean Your Nails

This is essential. To sterilize your nails, use a nail sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, or antiseptic spray. This keeps bacteria and dirt out of the nail paint.

3. Paint your nails

One coat of bonder (a transparent material) should be applied to your nails. Just turn it on for a minute.

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4. Apply the Resin

Apply the clear resin glue to your nails slowly. Begin at the cuticle and work your way toward the nail edge. Use only one coat.

5. Use Clear Powder.

Roll your finger around in the powder container for a few seconds. Gently tap your finger to remove any extra powder. Let it dry for a minute before removing any excess powder with a brush. Use no colored powder at this point.

6. Apply More Resin and Colored Powder

Dip the nail into the colored powder after applying another layer of resin. Let a few minutes pass before sweeping away the extra powder. If you want a thicker manicure, repeat the process.

7. Use the Activator

Apply the activator to your nails in the same manner that you would a regular layer of nail lacquer.

8. Apply the final coat


Dip Powder Nails 2

Apply a new top coat once you’ve applied the activator (use one that is meant for acrylic nails). Let it fully dry.

The nicest part about a dip powder manicure is that it does not chip like other manicures. It also does not include any toxic materials that might destroy your nails. With these home-based tips, you can save money without going to the salon.

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