How to Find Louis Vuitton Authentication

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We comprehend! Louis Vuitton bags are costly, so you must ensure you receive what you pay for, especially with many imitation items on the market. That is why we provide Louis Vuitton authenticity.

The LVBAGAHOLIC team is an expert in identifying the Louis Vuitton authentication handbag through stitching, stampings, symmetry, hardware, and much more. This assures you that your new handbag is genuine and will last a lifetime. The three simple procedures for authenticating Louis Vuitton products are as follows.

Tips to Authenticate Louis Vuitton Items

Fortunately, there are several telltale signals to check for whether purchasing or selling Louis Vuitton from a used store, an internet business, or a friend.

Louis Vuitton Authentication


1. Louis Vuitton Date Code and Logo

Fake logos have a noticeable difference. L always comes before the letter V. Check whether the notes are mismatched. For a long time, these stamps were labelled “Louis Vuitton Paris,” however, their handbags are now manufactured in the United States, Spain, and a few other nations.

A heat stamp is the mark of authenticity on all original LV bags. These heat stamps are put on the interior of most Louis Vuitton purses, as opposed to other top luxury companies’ authenticity certificates, which are included with the purchase.

2. Inspect Louis Vuitton Stitching

Look for Louis Vuitton-branded patterns in your item; the monograms, stitching, and details should all be consistent and of good quality. Keep an eye out for cheap yellow thread in seams and stitch counts. The motifs on the monograms are diagonal. The strips should be arranged in a particular design of a circle, fleur-de-lis, and the LV logo.

3. Louis Vuitton Packaging Details

Louis Vuitton’s packaging is both simple and elegant. LV employs different boxes based on the Louis Vuitton item you purchase. The detailing of a fake Louis Vuitton will be uneven. The Louis Vuitton box will be pretty tight around your object. Most counterfeiters need help to imitate Louis Vuitton’s colour choice for its packaging. Remember that specifics will vary depending on the sort of Louis Vuitton item you purchase and where it was made.

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Designer Bag Authentication

If you’re going to buy or have just bought a designer handbag, we recommend using a designer handbag authentication service to acquire a professional assessment of your purse. We’ve evaluated and listed some of the top handbag authenticity services below and compared what brands they specialize in and how much they charge.

Louis Vuitton Authentication 2

Finding a reliable verification agency is critical to determining whether the handbag in issue is genuine. If you have any worries, we strongly advise you to seek the advice of more than one authentication service.

Methods For Designer Handbag Authentication

1. Pay Attention to the Details

High-end businesses like LV and Gucci conduct a careful and unhurried assessment of their manufactured items to find defects and blemishes. All faulty components are kept from the factory, which is how they retain their unrivalled quality. Examine for undone stitches, loose threads, and visible manufacturing flaws. And remember to look for details like stitch formation, strap alignment, and the presence of other lines.

2. Check The Zippers, Buttons, And Clasps

Fake locks, plates, zipper pulls, buttons, and clasps may be identified with a single glance. Because their look is the epitome of the material’s quality, they are the most difficult to recreate visually. Not to mention that the brand’s emblem and name are typically etched on the metal plates in a particular orientation. Even little differences indicate that the items could be more genuine.

3. Look at the Material Closely

Visually, authenticating the material of a fancy handbag is difficult. However, the game is over after you’ve touched and scented the material. Not to mention, only the originally used designer bags keep their form, unique odour, and how the fabric feels on your skin.


Authentic dust bags are tan with the name Louis Vuitton or the LV mark. Assume the bag is overdesigned or contains extraneous information, such as a serial number, country code, or non-valuable information. In such a situation, chances are you’re carrying a knockoff bag. If you are interested in using our designer bag authentication service, contact us immediately. Our specialists can tell the difference between the real thing and fraudulent counterfeits, so you can be confident that your Louis Vuitton bag is genuine.

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