Dress Sexy, not Vulgar: Secret Tips from the inside out

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There are times when we want to feel strong, confident and sexy, and the first things we turn to are our clothes. It’s perfectly right to feel good about ourselves from the inside out and not be ashamed of our bodies, but there’s a fine line between dressing sexy and becoming vulgar. So, once we learn well to benefit our bodies and take in account some secret tips, we will know exactly how to dress sexy but not vulgar.


Dress sexy. Clothing styles containing sexy elements

Rock, thanks to the leather texture and black colour.
Victorian style comes with lace and corsets that highlight the feminine shape.
From the glamour style we can take silk, satin and other elements that give it elegance and take us away from vulgarity.
But of course, you can find in every style something sexy, if you know how to wear it.

do not wear

What is not sexy?

Here are to remind some classic examples to better avoid if you dont want to look vulgar:
sparkly mini dress
too short pants
sheer tights
denim mini skirt worn with fishnet stockings
trousers with a very low waist
corset that cinches the waist too tightly
very deep neckline in one place with other exposed areas

A short video here

How To Dress Sexy, Not Messy! – YouTube

How to dress sexy but not vulgar

women in shorts

Believe it or not, the first piece of advice is: Don’t try to dress sexy!
When you try to hard, you may look and act desperate. And that’s not sexy. When you don’t focus too much on that, you’ll act more natural and natural attitude and confidence is the sexiest thing possible.
Choose to highlight one single area of your body. For example a mini dress with a plunging neckline could be too much. Instead, a long dress with deep neckline is much more elegant and sensual.

If you still want to wear something really sexy, like a pair of shorts and a top or corset, add something long and loose over your outfit. It can be a cardigan or an unbuttoned shirt
Benefit your silhouette. If it suits your body shape, choose a monochrome outfit. You will feel better the energy flowing through your whole body and feel more confident and attractive . Here my blog post about the body shapes https://fashonation.com/silhouette-types-and-tips/

how to dress sexy

Secret Tips from the inside out

Uncover less highlighted body areas neck, shoulders, ankles, back or waist.
If you feel your outfit has already become vulgar, add a completely different piece. It could be a masculine, sporty, office or minimalist element.

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If you’re happy with your silhouette, cover up completely, but use tight-fitting clothes that flatter your body line. For example a turtleneck and skinny jeans in the same color.

Another secret tip how to dress sexy but not vulgar is to choose either sexy materials or sexy cuts.
In summer, it’s easier to dress sexy, but even easier to dress vulgar. In winter, however, we might start to forget about it at all. As a secret tip, in summer always keep something aside that can be added to your outfit and get you out of a jam immediately. In winter always wear something sexy underneath. Even if it doesn’t show, it’ll make you feel good.
And don’t forget; sometimes the simplest coat can be the sexiest if you feel comfortable in it.

Let’s feel sexy from the inside to the outside

To dress sexy means to not show your underwear or to not wear daily latex or mini dresses daily at work. To be sexy is a state of mind. Therefore, you can dress in anything you want, if you feel your clothes. You must resonate with your outfit in order to look perfect.
So, think first: Why do you want to look sexy?
You should want to feel sexy for yourself first. Not to impress men and not to make other women jealous. When you feel sexy, you are closer to your feminine side and you can better use your sexual energy to achieve your goals. This can definitely be seen in your external image.

And more specifically you can feel sexy from the inside to the outside, when you accept your body as it is, without shame, know your worth and feel good in your own skin as you are without having to prove anything to anyone.
Men find that sexy too.


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