How to dress right for a date

How to dress right for a date
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There are so many tips on how to prepare for a date and still not enough. How you dress for a date can decide how everything goes afterwards. But why is it so important what clothes we choose and what lies behind this challenge?

Men think and react one way while women think and react completely differently, and the first impression they will react to is your visual image.

What to wear for a date

How to prepare for a date

First of all when preparing for a date think about what you want from it; what your expectations are. Are you looking for someone to keep you company, do you want to get involved in a serious relationship, do you want to have fun or do you simply have no expectations and are reluctant to see what happens next?

Follow the dress code and adopt the dress style according to the location and time you are going to meet your future partner.
If you meet in a coffee shop in the morning , it is not necessary to prepare too much. You can wear something casual and more informal.
If you’re having lunch together, it’s formal, so your outfit should be formal too. A minimalist style, perhaps with a few office elements, would be an appropriate choice.

When it comes to an after-dinner date at a terrace, a movie or a walk, things get a little more romantic. So even your clothing style can be romantic. However if it’s an outing in nature and involves walking it might be better to ditch the heels. You wouldn’t want to look awkward on the first date.
When we go out for a romantic dinner, we can indeed use a slightly more elegant dress and the right heels, according to the location.

How to dress for a date
The most important thing is to be you, so your clothing style shouldn’t differ much from what you usually wear either, just adapt your outfit a little. You just want them to get to know you as you are, and men always retain the first image of the woman they are interested in.


What to wear for a date and how not to dress

First: something simple. Men can’t concentrate on two things at once. So is it you or your outfit?
We as humans are designed to be attracted to what we are similar to. Men’s clothes are made in simple cuts, neutral colours and without too many accessories. So if your outfit is similar to his, he will feel a closeness and a similarity, creating a connection.
The same goes for hairstyles and make-up. If you have too much makeup and too much hairspray in your hair, you’ll put up resistance. What if he wanted to kiss you?


Be natural, but not masculine sloppy or unkempt. Anyone would want a well-groomed woman by his side.
In terms of outfit energy, use clothes with feminine energy: pale, warm colours, delicate accessories, micro-prints, fine materials such as lace or silk, etc. If you use too much masculine energy, you will attract a man with predominantly feminine energy and you don’t want that.
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Do not use brand logos. It shows a desperate need to impress and looks cheap on top of that. Besides that, not all men are fashion savvy, and if they see an expensive brand logo, whether real or fake, they might even feel they’ re not good enough for you.

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Benefit your silhouette but don’t overdo it. Here my article on body shape

If you cover all of yourself, the man won’t know exactly what to expect, and because male thinking is simple and straightforward he might not even want to take the risk and you might be surprised to be seen as just a girlfriend right after the irst date.

If you expose your whole body, he will only feel sexual attraction, because again the man can’t concentrate on several things at the same time and this will be the first thing he notices. He’ll use you without meaning to.
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If you dress too seriously, childishly or in an explicit style of dress, such as rock or hippy, they might reject you even during the date for being too extreme. So the key is the balance.


Secret tip

Pick the easiest and possible outfit you would wear everyday, then add 3 items.
The first one has to be something feminine and warm and innocent, it has to suggest gentleness and closeness. It could be a warm colour, an accessory, a scarf, a flowered shirt, etc.

The second element should be something serious, but not very tough or masculine. Stiletto shoes, a feminine tailored jacket or a watch are a few options. This will command respect.
The last element is the sexy one. You can wear it low-cut, but not over the top, you can show off your ankles or highlight your waist.

The most important advice is to be yourself. When we have someone very dear to us, we may overdo it out of a desire to make a good impression. But maybe it’s not even what we wanted, and if it’s the right person no date can go wrong.

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