How To Dress Properly For A Funeral

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There’s always a saying that “Death is a celebration of life”. It is a remembrance of a loved one who has passed away. With that being said, as a guest, a family member, or maybe a friend, it is necessary to come to the funeral wearing our appropriate outfits, especially for ladies. A funeral is not a time to show off and impress others with how cool your OOTD is. It is a time of reflection and respect for the person who passed away.

Here are some of the ideas on How To Dress Properly For A Funeral:

3 Types of  Black Dresses

Black color in a royal family is worn only during funerals but in other cultures and ordinary people sometimes wear black color as their daily choice of color. A Black Dress is the most common and easy outfit to wear at a funeral. And every lady would probably choose a black dress for their business as it is easy to pair with accessories as well as shoes.

Tie Back Laser Cut Flutter Sleeve Dress

How To Dress Properly For A Funeral 1

There are a lot of black dresses out there that are stylish and modern yet it is appropriate to wear at a funeral. And one of them is this Tie Back Laser Cut Flutter Sleeve Dress. It does not show skin though it is fitted on the waist part. The details and lining are on point and it is fashionable especially the bottom of the dress with a flower cut on it. You can pair it with a heel and some jewels to match the dress.

Lace Sleeve Frill Trim Dress

How To Dress Properly For A Funeral 2

Another stylish and appropriate dress you can wear to a funeral is this black Lace Sleeve Frill Trim Dress. The simple details of the dress say something about the lace sleeve. It shows courage and fierce. The fit of the dress shows simplicity and allows you to mourn. With this style of dress, Chunky Heeled Ankle Strap Sandals would look good on this.

Mock Neck Black Dress

How To Dress Properly For A Funeral 3

You may say this Mock Neck Black Dress is such a formal dress and you are right about that! It has a detail of a pleated waisted and it’s fit as well. Some dresses have a pocket on them and so does this dress. It’s unique, very plain yet stylish, and appropriate for a funeral.

T-Shirt On A Pants

How To Dress Properly For A Funeral 4

Aside from a dress, a T-Shirt On Pants is appropriate to wear at the funeral as well. /you can pair it with heels for a casual minimal look and sneakers for a comfy look.

White Puffy Sleeve Dress

White Puffy Sleeve Dress

Other people also wear a White color for funerals. This Puffy Sleeve Dress is stylish with its lower neckline and with its button in the middle which makes the dress pretty classy and casual. You can pair it with a heel or loafers perhaps.


Honestly speaking, whatever you wear and whatever color you choose to wear at the funeral doesn’t matter at all. Because you went to the funeral to pray and to pay respect to the person who passed away and not to impress others with your outfit, it’s just that we have different cultures and beliefs and it’s essential that we respect that. There is nothing wrong with following other cultures and allowing ourselves to know other people’s cultures and belief as well.

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