How to Dress Like A PRO!

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Who among you here tried going out without bringing extra clothes? How about you left your luggage somewhere or let’s say after a fun party at night you weren’t able to come home and sleep with a friend’s house or in a hotel? This blog is about how to dress like a pro wherein you were about to “(DIY) do-it-yourself” your outfit! Here are a few ideas on how to dress like a pro that you might find funny but I tell you it’s helpful. 

Pajama Look


Do you know that pajamas are not for sleep outfits only? In the modern world of fashion, designers made a set of designs that is more elegant and casual than the usual pajamas that ladies are buying. And one of the hacks, whenever you are on the vacation or staying in the hotel is to bring a pajama that you can ramp outside just in case something came up or there is an emergency. That’s the thing I always think of whenever I’m not at home that is why I always make sure that what I’m wearing is ready for everything.

Silk Scarf 


I have mentioned in my previous blog that I always bring a scarf with me just in case I get dirty and I can cover it with my clothes.  You can use a scarf in so many ways, you can turn it into a tube top or a halter top, a belt, a headband, a holder design for your bag, to cover your head, and whenever your cold just grab your scarf and you’ll feel warm. Scarf always saves the day. I think as a lady, we should bring a scarf in our bag just in case. Who knows right?

Blazer Coat Style


Wasn’t able to go home after a drink from last night? Do you want a change of style? Did you bring an oversized coat with you? Then go change that looks into something new. You can turn your oversized coat into a dress and it will surely look chic and street style. Heels and shoes are okay for this look so nothing to worry about. Retouch your makeup and you’re ready to walk in the sunshine!

Women are a total PRO when it comes to dressing up and we can turn on clothes in so many ways. That’s how creative and imaginative we are when it comes to fashion. What else do you think we can wear if instances like I’ve stated, happened? Any idea? Comment down below and I’ll see you at the next one!

Photo credit in Pinterest.

By Belle Willow

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