How to Dress in your 20, 30, 40, 50, 60

How to dress
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How to dress for your age is still a highly debated topic and there is no blog or magazine that doesn’t have at least a few articles in this category. But why?

This how to dress classification is made on the basis of old ideas that have a specific representative image for each age group.

However age is really just a number, and who exactly is waiting for their birthday to have a sudden change of clothes?

Here is my article:

And here is also a classic perspective:

Clothes are a tool to create your desired image

Our image as well as our state of mind and the way we perceive things are gradually changing. Each of us is unique and has our own personal rhythm. In addition, a completely sudden change in the way you dress might take you completely out of your comfort zone and make you feel and look disoriented.
Moreover, not always our age on identity cards corresponds to our real age. Many times we may look younger, but there are more unpleasant times when we look older, so fashion should be a tool to help us achieve the image we want.

Secret tip: the key is to find your evergreen image and keep it. This applies to your personal style of dress, but also to the way you behave and the way you wear make-up and style your hair. Take some time for yourself and figure out what you like, what suits you, what appeals to you (colors, clothing styles, accessories, etc), and what you want to express.

Here is my post on how to find your personal style:

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How to dress in your 20

These are the years when you are just starting out in life. You are full of energy and looking for your way in life and this can be seen in your clothing.

You can overdo it with overly extravagant or slightly vulgar outfits but it’s the perfect time to experiment and see what appeals to you. In your 2os Anything you put on looks good, just keep in mind to add a more serious or classic element for a stylish outfit. You can even look for a fashion icon to draw inspiration from but add your own personal elements.

How to dress in your 20
How to dress in your 30

By now you’re more mature and you usually already know where you want to go in life and this can be seen in the clothes you choose too.

At this age women usually already start dressing very maturely and sometimes it can be too much and this can add a few extra years to your image. Your body and face still look young, so do not waste your beauty.

This is also the age at which some women still look like teenagers and sometimes it’s not even a good thing, as they are not taken seriously because of their childish appearance.

In this case here is my post:

Therefore, this is the best age to find your clothing style, in case you haven’t found it yet. Until then let’s say 30 is the new 20 but with more self-confidence and self-awareness. Keep your outfits the same, just elevate them a little bit. As an example, you can add a classic element or change the accessories with jewelry.


How to dress in your 40

How to dress in your 40

Now you already know what suits you and what doesn’t, what you want from your image and your path in life. The temptation, however, is not to think you’re already old and desperately want to compensate with an overly youthful outfit. You’re just going to look embarrassed.
You’re right where you need to be.

Now the secret is to use simple outfits (that could be worn at any age) and add a more youthful, colorful, or slightly sexy element to them. This will keep your image fresh but mature and confident.

How to dress in your 50, 60, 70

How to dress in your 50, 60, 70…and always

Now some people would say you’re old, I’m just saying you’re done building yourself up. You’ve decided what you want, from the inside out, what attracts you, what benefits you and what doesn’t. Above that you know exactly who you are, so it’s time to start living your life.

In conclusion, if you don’t want to fit into the classic stereotypes, the idea is to build an evergreen image from the inside to the outside that you maintain and only adapt according to the stages of your evolution and the external circumstances.

Secret tip: keep a classic, a sexy, and a basic element; then add it to your personal mark.

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