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Fashion experts offer their advice for rain gear for wet weather! Following a record-breaking June, most would agree summer has turned into a bit of a washout, with a storm of deluges, while different pieces of Europe are heating up in unbearable heat. Tragically, the disrupted weather conditions are set to proceed, with the Met Office forecast for the following fourteen days stating: “Showery unbearable heat, alongside the gamble of longer spells of downpour and stronger winds as well.”

In the second half of August, we can expect: “A combination of downpours and showers for some areas… any delayed dry and hot spells give off an impression of being far-fetched.”Following a record-breaking June, most would agree summer has transformed into somewhat of a waste of time, with a storm of deluges, while different pieces of Europe are heating up in unendurable intensity.

Simultaneously, temperatures haven’t dove totally, which makes choosing what to wear a remarkable problem right now.

How would you keep cool and dry simultaneously? This is the thing style specialists suggest for wet weather during summer…

Loads of layers:


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“Light layers are the most ideal way to dress for summer downpours,” says Torson.

“Wear your raincoat with cropped jeans, or a cotton or linen midi dress, and mentors to keep a summery look, while being ready for the unusual climate.”The utility trend is also convenient for rainy days -loose cargo pants are cool and pragmatic.

“Whip out your hoodies and wear them underneath an oversized leather overcoat,” says Gordon.

“The different textures will cause the laidback and agreeable fit to feel very good quality.”

Waterproof jacket:


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When it’s too warm for a proper coat, a slim rain jacket with a hood is fundamental.


Make a style statement in a splendid variety or bold print, with stylish waterproofs that combine fashion and function.

“A lightweight and minimized rain jacket from Rains is in every case simple to style and ideal for hauling around for surprising showers,” says Lesley Torson, co-founder of Trilogy Stores.

“They look truly smooth, so won’t destroy a decent outfit, while as yet being truly light and breezy to keep you cool.”

Sensible shoes:


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No one needs soggy socks, which is the reason splashproof shoes are a necessity – trainers with a chunky sole will help stop puddle water from seeping into the seams.

For truly blustery days, just Wellington boots will do.

“They’re formally back as a style staple, because of this unpredictable rain,” says Gordon.

“To lift the welly look to luxury, put resources into a lighter tone, similar to a beige or cream Wellington boot. Wear with a bare leg and a floaty dress that will keep you cool and looking summery.”

Don’t forget your hat

A hat is the main design fashion accessory for keeping your hair dry and sans frizz.

“Hats have become amazingly famous this summer, from denim Hats, for example, the Miu denim Texas style hat, to summery straw hats,” says Gordon.

A water-safe can hat is on-trend and ideal for drizzly days.

“A tanned leather bucket will go with most outfits,” Gordon continues.”Use hats to dress your outfits up or down, depending on your temperament, and as a bonus – you’ll scarcely see the downpour!”

Amber Gordon, a founder of fashion sourcing company Tailored Styling, suggests a transparent macintosh: “During Style Week, fashion editors and stylists will have a reasonable and structured raincoat they can whip on to hold their think back from getting wet, that actually permits individuals to see what they are wearing.”

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