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You can understand the culture, ethnicity, and tradition of that particular religion when you visit a temple. The temple is very much attached to the sentiments of the people. In general, whosoever is visiting a temple should wear a decent modest casual dress. Except for a few, none of the holy places allow tourists or any devotees to enter without proper dress. It is very important for everyone who plans to visit Holy places should dress up accordingly. For atheists – who don’t believe in God but still want to visit temples to see the architecture or history or nature’s beauty, it is very important for them to follow the rules of what they are wearing. In this article, we will discuss how to dress for a temple visit.


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What not to wear for a temple visit:

Ladies should not wear short shorts or miniskirts while visiting temples. Also, they should not wear sleeveless or short tops. It is highly discouraged by temple authorities. Even if in case, Shorts or Skirts are allowed, they should be below the knees.

In general, no one should wear Caps inside the temple. Prefer not to wear tattered pants or any dress made of animals’ skin as it is offensive in Hindu temples.

What to wear for a temple visit:

Men can wear long pants or jeans and short or full-sleeved shirts or T-shirts. In any way, traditional/ethnic dress of any religion is allowed in the temple (dhoti or kurta, or lungi). Try not to wear dark color clothing if possible.

Women can wear long pants or jeans, ankle-length skirts or slacks, and tops with long sleeves. Try to cover your head with a scarf or dupatta. It is not necessary for all the temples, but just follow the leads of the crowds where it is necessary. There is no restriction on traditional/ethnic dress (sari or kurta or salwar).

By: Chenghun Phukon

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