How to dress for a casting

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We already know that when we go to a casting, be it more or less important, we should wear as little make-up as possible and dress as simply as possible…But have you ever followed all the rules and still not been successful? Then, let’s talk about how to really dress for a casting.

So how should we actually dress for a casting?

dress for a casting

What they say… and what you should do

The outcome of a casting call is based on first impressions, no matter how suitable you may or may not be for the job. We already know that first impressions are formed from the very first seconds, even if the person hasn’t even noticed yet.

And the first thing that can help us get the perfect first impression is clothes.

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Dressed in black or nude. Yes. But choose all black or all nude. It depends on whether you want to look slimmer or to accentuate your curves.

A monochrome outfit helps you look taller and makes you feel more energized all over.

They say: Wear simple, tight clothes. Yes… but flatter your figure. It’s not the best option to use accessories or too many layers of clothes, but you can use textures and cuts. For example, a pair of waist darts or a small ruffle at the chest are good options.


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Don’t wear makeup… but we want you to look fresh and energetic.

As I said, first impressions count. So a subtle foundation, a little mascara, and a colorless lip gloss are ok.

Don’t wear accessories. No, really don’t load yourself up with accessories. You don’t want to distract ttention from yourself.

However, choose one subtle accessory. A bracelet or a necklace can be the item that draws attention to you easily.

dress for a casting

Secret tips

First of all, don’t forget that you don’t have to appear to be someone else than you are, you just have to highlight yourself as you are.

If you have a certain body part that you consider an asset, show it off. For example, if you have a slim waist, tie your tank top around your waist. If you love your legs, wear shorts, it will show off your body better.

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Secret tip: Even if the casting agent doesn’t realize, what they are looking for is naturalness, balance, elegance, attitude and that something extra.

Therefore, keep in mind to have a groomed look, which is why I said you can wear a little makeup and leave your hair down; to feel good in your clothes and especially in your shoes and to add a little accessory, preferably elegant small jewelry.

As for shoes, necessarily have soft soles and you better forget the platform. Even if you’ll look taller they give a vulgar impression and don’t always help you walk well. The top can also be made of a more elegant fabric.

First impressions are also about the energy you exude, so make sure you’re in a good mood. As a tip try to have something else to do beforehand so you don’t have time to think about it too much and remember you can’t lose what you didn’t even have.

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By Paula Radu

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