How to Dress Casual Yet Chic?

casual yet chic outfit
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Hii everyone!!! Many times you must have seen some people on the streets who just grab everyone’s attention but when you notice them carefully you find that they are wearing the same casual clothes just like everyone else. So, what makes them stand out from the crowd? What is the secret behind this? Well, all your questions will be answered in this blog post just keep reading further.

Let’s go!

Casual Yet Chic Outfit Tip #1: Dress as per your body type

This is a point that causes fashion disasters. Even many big actresses do this. Everyone has a different body type that’s why something that looks good on someone else may not look good on you. So, instead of sabotaging yourself or blaming your features, just try to find out your body type and find clothes that suit you the best.

Casual Yet Chic Outfit Tip #2: Include neutrals

Neutrals refer to blacks and whites. This is the best technique ever and it never gets old, because black and white nearly go with every color and look great. Whenever you feel stuck don’t worry just add a black or a white outfit piece and you are ready to go.

Casual Yet Chic Outfit Tip #3: Layering

This is the way by which can instantly make yourself look more stylish than everyone else. You can wear shrugs, jackets, or belts to look chic instantly.

Tip #4: Sneakers and flats

While many will recommend you to wear heels but I would recommend the opposite because I feel sneakers and flats make you feel more comfortable and when you are comfortable you come up as more confident and bold.

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By Aahana

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