How to Discover Which Colors Suit You

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Everyone loves to look good. It is interesting for some people to practice knowing their color personalities, whereas others are too conscious to experiment with the latest trending fashion. Not all colors look good and appeal to our personalities. But if you know yourself and are confident about your choice of colors, you will be the center of attraction for everyone. It is common practice that finding the best color for your personality can be a joyful and inspiring process. Understanding which colors work best with your skin tone can help you look and feel your best when choosing new outfits, hair hues, or cosmetics tints.

Here are some interesting pointers for knowing your color:

Determine your skin tone:


Determine your skin tone colors

The first step in finding out which colors go well with you is to ascertain your skin’s undertone. The undertone of your skin can be chilly, warm, or neutral. Warm undertones have a yellow or golden color, whereas cool undertones have a pink or blue tint. Undertones that are neutral are a combination of warm and cold undertones. Look at the veins on your wrist in daylight to identify your skin’s undertone. If they appear green, your undertone is warm. You have a neutral undertone if they appear blue-green. You may also see whether metal makes your skin look more luminous by holding a piece of silver or gold jewelry up to your face. If silver looks better on you, you might have a cool undertone, and if gold looks better, you might have a warm undertone. Understanding your skin’s undertone will make it easier for you to choose colors that go well with it. For instance, if you have a cool undertone, you could discover that blue, purple, and pink look best on you, but if you have a warm undertone, you might find that red, orange, and yellow look better on you.

Decide which color is your dominant feature:

Every person has a dominant color, which is the hue that predominates in their skin tone, hair color, and eye color. The warm undertones, for instance, may have a dominant color characteristic of a golden brown, whereas those with cold undertones, for instance, may have a strong color characteristic of blue.

Examine your skin, eyes, and hair to determine which hue is your dominant one. Warm hues like red, orange, and yellow will go well with warm hair colors like auburn or golden blonde. Cool hues like blue, green, and purple will look better on hair with cool tones like ash blonde or black. You can also try taking an online test or going to a store if you’re unsure of what your dominant color feature is. for a consultation at a makeup store.

Determine Your Hair Color


Determine Your Hair Colors

The colors that suit you best can be significantly influenced by the color of your hair. If you’re thinking of changing your hair color or dying it, it’s crucial to pick a shade that goes well with your skin tone. Warm hues like red, orange, and yellow will go well with warm hair colors like auburn or golden blonde. Cool hues like blue, green, and purple will look better on hair with cool tones like ash blonde or black. You can experiment with both warm and cold hues if your hair is neutral in tone.

Experiment on several hues:


Experiment on several hues

If you’re unsure of where to begin, pick a few colors you like and try them on in various tones. For instance, to determine which shade of blue looks best on you, try wearing a navy blue blouse, a light blue dress, and a vivid blue scarf. Which contrasting color looks best with the lovely shades of blue or pink that complement and enhance your personality? Try different shades to look different from usual. In some people, the yellow color looks shining and glowing while others look dull and tangy in such eye-poking colors. Knowing which dark or light color looks good is important.


Compliments should be noted


Compliments should be noted

We all love praises. We all love to look good and different. Good praise or a good compliment boosts confidence and enhances our inner beauty. So, it is important for us to keep in mind the compliments of the people around us. Keep a record of comments. If someone compliments your outfit, be sure to note the color and style you were wearing. It will help you to select your outfit according to your personality.

It is a useless effort if colorful and expensive color brands don’t match your personality. To turn heads, we need to carefully select the colors that illuminate our personalities and make us shine with flying colors.

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