How to Define Your Fashion Style 2022

Defining your fashion style
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Hola Fashionistas, I recently read an article that talked about fashion languages and styles so, I thought, why not have an article on how to define your fashion style? I have always wondered why I would go to the market and select clothes that fit me. But at the same time, pick clothes that I know I love but can only wish to wear. Does that make any sense?

My fashion heartbreak story…

(lol) I once went to the market and saw a beautiful straight-fitted gown. It caught my eye in a matter of seconds and I bought it despite knowing it would not fit me at the time. Why? well, because, the gown needed curves to accentuate its beauty but I was so slim and had no curves. I was heartbroken because if I had worn the gown, I would be laughed at for my choices. And then I did the next best thing. Which was to keep the gown in my closet until I had exercised enough to actually grow some hip curves. Funny and insane, right? Yeah, not my favorite moments, lol.

What is your Fashion Language?

Fashion languageFashion style

This is the first question that must be on our minds as fashionistas. My answer to this question would be comfy and chic. Honestly, I would choose comfort over a full-on fashion ensemble. That is why my favorite celebrities are Selena Gomez and Taylor swift.

Styles of fashion speaks in a lot of ways, thereby having multiple languages. It could be chic, elegant, colorful, cool, cute, professional, e.t.c. Many people think they are not fashionable, just because they can’t seem to understand what works for them.

Fashion is as wide, broad, and diverse as regular speaking languages and that’s why the fashion industry thrives. Which is also why you find that you can’t just jump into different styles and not be confused.

How to discover and define your fashion style and language?

You can discover your fashion language by figuring out these three simple questions;

  • What do you love?
  • Does this style attract you?
  • In what would I feel comfortable in?

And so, to help you better understand these questions; here are five easy steps to discovering your path in fashion.

1. Understand your closet;

Fashion styles; understand your closetYour closet tells you more about your fashion style than any other thing does. When shopping, we tend to get the things we love even if we can’t wear them, as long as we can afford them.


Because we love those items. We are attracted to them and one day, wish we would be able to wear them. So, pick a day to raid your closet and follow these steps.

  • Arrange your closet.
  • Separate the clothes you wear frequently, from those that you don’t.
  • Figure out those outfits you love and wish you could wear.

This way, you could further have a clear view of what your fashion language is. However, if you still feel confused about your fashion style, you can go out on window shopping for inspiration alone. Don’t think of other’s opinions, just note down the styles that appeal to you and those you feel super comfortable in.

2. Build your inspiration

Fashion; build your inspirationNow, you have an idea of the styles that appeal to you and you would love to wear. But do you even know where to start from with the outfits in your closet?

What helps me whenever I get stuck in choosing an outfit, is research. Might sound boring but choosing to look up styles on Pinterest, magazine photos, google, or even from fashionistas around you is one of the ways to get inspired. Doing this, helps build your creativity and conviction in the fashion language that you now know, works for you.




3. Be creative

Have you ever been in a spot where you have all these clothes lying around and have no idea how to match them? Oh, I have, a lot. I would scatter my closet just trying on different outfits in hopes that they would match, be comfortable and chic.

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Fashion is all about being creative and even, sometimes, spontenous. So, if you have been in this situation, here’s what to do. Research on inspirations revolving around that type of outfit, try recreating them, and then, add your touch.

Fashion style, be creative For example; we wanna recreat a chic look of a nice sleeveless, short gown paired with heels.

Now, although you love and feel very comfortable in gowns, you know that you don’t feel the same about heels. Be creative, and go for nice sneakers while throwing on a leather jacket over the gown. Viola, you are dressed in your own taste of chic.



4. Embrace confidence

Fashion; confidence Being a colorful fashionista is not easy nor is it the end of the world. The opinion of others; what would they think? what if they make fun of me? How would they react? should be put into consideration.

However, this is why, we need to put on confidence. Many people make distasteful comments, either because they are jealous of your style or they are too high and mighty in theirs.

It is your style, and you need to own it. What I like, may not be what the others like. Just because I love to cover up my body and look elegant doesn’t mean we should criticize other’s tastes.

One thing to note, however is moderacy. You might like bright colors for your outfits but it’s also okay to choose your shoes and bags wisely.

5. Get other’s opinion

Do you think I should wear this? Does it look nice enough? We all ask these questions about our outfits from others because it’s a different opinion from ours. However, while other’s opinion matters and those little changes can help bring out the best in your fashion style, do not let others opinion change your fashion style entirely. Remember, you define it, you own it!


My fashion language is comfy and chic, why not choose your’s now? Lol, I sound like a sales person, anyways, we have come to the end of another exciting article. Please guys (pout), read, recommend and comment on your own fashion style so other’s can benefit. Oh, and don’t forget to share. This brings me to the next agenda; How many of you read my books? (Pout and sad face), Please do and I’m sure you’ll even find more inspiration in your fashion style research.

New chapters of my books are out and just to be clear, I publish almost every day so my favorite readers don’t get bored.

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Later Fashionistas…

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