How To Coordinate Jewelry – 5 General Guidelines

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The right accessories can make an ordinary dress into something special, and jewelry is no exception in this case. However, you must know how to properly blend them in order to achieve the desired look – it’s simple to go overboard. Learn how to coordinate jewelry correctly and what errors to avoid.

The “less is more” principle is the secret of how to coordinate jewelry.

When do you have enough jewels?

Everything hinges on what you are wearing. You can comfortably wear the earrings, necklace, and ring if you dress in a soft monochromatic ensemble. However, it will enough to wear modest earrings, such as buttons, if the other parts of the outfit are dazzling, such as because of the vivid colours or unique prints.

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How to wear jewellery with clothes is a question that is best answered based on the personality of the outfit itself. Nothing prevents you from accessorizing your outfit if you choose to dress in a rock or bohemian style with a few bracelets or rings. Try to keep jewelry to a minimum when wearing professional, business, or evening attire to avoid drawing attention away from the rest of the ensemble.

How can I fit the gemstones into the face’s form and sort of beauty?

The right accessories can wonderfully accentuate a person’s beauty and hide their flaws, and the incorrect ones can do the opposite. Which jewelry should you buy to get the greatest result?

1. Choose gold, rose gold, bronze, and brass jewellery if your style of beauty is spring-like (light skin with warm undertones, blonde hair, light red or light brown eyes, and so on);

2. Pay attention to silver, platinum, steel, and white gold jewellery if your style of beauty is summer (light skin with cold undertones, platinum blonde hair, grey blonde hair, dark brown or black with cold tones, and grey or grey-blue or gray-green eyes);

3. Pay attention to gold, bronze, and brass jewellery if your kind of beauty is autumnal (golden skin, frequently with freckles, with warm undertones, red or reddish-brown hair, and green or brown eyes);

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4. Opt for silver, platinum, and white gold jewellery if you have a winter beauty type, which includes black hair, dark eyes, and a very light skin with a cool pink undertone.

Instead, you can read about how to pick earrings based on the shape of the face in one of my previous articles.

Can you wear gold and silver together?

The stylists repeatedly emphasized that the greatest matches are gold with gold and silver with silver up until recently, when the answer to this question was a resounding “no.” Currently, though, this guideline is steadily falling out of favor and people are experimenting more freely with the idea of blending these two colors.

However, this does not imply that there is complete freedom. So how can gold and silver be combined? Keep in mind that jewelry must be coordinated in terms of style as well as color, as color is not everything. Additionally, be aware that the less freedom you can afford, the more crucial the opportunity you are going to. In other words, an informal gathering with friends is much more appropriate for experimentation than a formal supper or banquet!

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Add some earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace made of both of these metals to your collection if you want to experiment with mixing gold and silver but are worried you won’t get it right. These solutions are suggested by hairdressers more and more frequently.

Is it feasible to pair bracelets with watches, and if so, how?

You won’t be surprised to learn that the adage “less is more” still holds true in this situation. In moderation, it’s acceptable to match the bracelet to the watch. In this instance, the watch should be the focal point; therefore, wear it with small bracelets, like a chain.

Another criterion is to maintain the same style for the accessories. Avoid wearing a rope, leather, or “do it yourself” bracelet if your watch has a gold or silver strap; these will look much better with a leather strap watch that has a less “jewel” aspect. Conversely, valuable stone or metal bracelets will not work well with a sports watch or one with a leather strap.


How can I coordinate jewelry and colors?

In general, warm colors make warm-toned jewelry seem its best. In particular, red, yellow, and orange colors combine well with gold earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, but they also look great with deep plum or dark blue. Gold jewelry looks best with off-white or beige clothing, so avoid wearing it with a pristine white dress or shirt.

On the other hand, if you intend to wear a cold-toned dress, accessories it with silver jewelry. In this situation, pastels and basic hues like black, white, and grey will also work well in addition to blue, turquoise, purple, or green.

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By Ayesha Azeem

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