How To Choose The Right Hair Serum Based On Your Hair Type!

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We’ve all learned a tonne of routines and tricks that help us take care of our skin. However, there aren’t many comprehensive haircare regimens available when it comes to hair, so we’re left with the tried-and-true hair oil and wash routine.

I am here to stress the value of a good hair care regimen, which is where the stylists’ go-to hair serum comes into play. This product is a need for combating the five obvious symptoms of damaged hair: split ends, hair fall, frizz, dryness, and dullness. Let’s start by giving those unfamiliar with haircare a quick rundown of what hair serums are and why you need them.


How To Choose The Right Hair Serum Based On Your Hair Type

– You’re one serum away from a good hair day!

What is a serum?

Hair serum is the product to use if you want to enjoy having hair that is opulently soft, lustrous, and silky. It aids in managing unruly, lifeless, and frizzy hair. Hair serums are designed to fortify the hair strands and stop split ends and breakage, much like a shampoo, hair oil, and conditioner. Additionally, it offers ultra-nourishment, which improves shine and keeps hair conditioned for an extended period of time.
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Why do we need a hair serum?

This is the finest option if you’re seeking for a quick fix to protect and restore your hair! Hair serum makes it easier to untangle hair and controls frizz. Your hair becomes healthier, shinier, and thicker thanks to its nourishing and moisturizing recipe! Additionally, hair serum is believed to stop thinning, split ends, and breaking. Alongside that, it helps to feed the scalp, increase blood flow, and hasten the development of healthy hair.

Hair serum recommendations according to your hair type:

1. Dry and Dull Hair

Hair serum recommendation 1

Using a silicone-based hair serum is advised if you have dull, dry hair. This is because dry, lifeless hair is dehydrated and unnourished. Silicone clears up hair follicle blockages, smoothens hair strands, and allows you to flaunt your locks whichever you choose!


2. Thin and Frizzy Hair

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Have thin, tangle-prone hair? Never again! We have a solution for you that you just cannot reject! If you do not use the proper treatments and substances to treat this hair type, it may diminish your overall attractiveness. Use hydrolyzed protein serums, which are recognized to be organic; they work swiftly to cope with thin hair and give it vitality. It guarantees to hydrate and repairs your hair in a gentle and efficient manner, giving it strength and vigor.


3. Curly Hair

Hair serum recommendation 3

By selecting a hair serum that is lightweight and guarantees to keep your hair nourished, you may redefine your curls. Your beautiful twirls may be hampered by using a heavy serum. Therefore, choose one that gives your curls vitality and nurtures them like no other! You should also keep an eye out for fermented oil, which is one of the main components that will fortify and protect your hair from environmental harm.


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Blog by: Priya Grover


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