How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring?

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Looking for the best engagement ring that can express your overwhelming love, and feeling altogether? It’s an ever toughest yet major decision that you need to land upon. Every year comes with new trends and ideas from all around the world, but your dream engagement ring may not fall in line with any of those.

Here are some guidelines to make your monumental purchase a success.

1. Trends are Not Always the Key:

While looking for the classic epitome of your timeless love, don’t fall into the trap of trendy jewelry. The reason is that it may not define her personal taste. For example, Kate Middleton’s popular blue sapphire engagement ring may not be the ideal choice for your spouse to be. Trendy rings are predictable and take all the excitement away from the moment. Likewise, even though diamonds may appear easy to shop, they often tread the beaten track again leading you to the same old mundane types of engagement rings. Therefore look beyond the trends.

2. Design Does Matter:

A good thing to keep in mind would be to avoid any kind of obsession with a particular style such as extravagant or minimalist but rather to have the focus on the fascination of your partner. For example, some prefer light & elegant yet timeless designs while others may choose decorative engagement pieces. Despite that, the quality and the carat weight stand out to be the most important aspect when choosing a gemstone engagement ring.

3. Setting is Forethought:

Ring setting will not only determine its look but also define which gemstone will better suit it. Settings like solitaires are considered evergreen as they can be paired with almost anything. From among an infinite variety of settings, prong, and bezel settings are widely accepted. The Prong setting enables most interaction with light adding sparkle to the center stone whereas the bezel setting provides unmatched protection to the stone

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4. Explore History:

Regardless of multiple options in trend, jewelry is always appreciated when the source of a gem is known. Its roots and origin can define its rarity and preciousness. Other attributes like cultural affiliation and a glorious past are cherries on the cake. You must notice every minor detail of the gemstone’s history that your spouse may be fascinated about!

For instance, the spinel engagement ring can be considered a perfect engagement ring since spinel gemstones are known for their link with the destiny of Empire Timurid from central Asia & that’s why spinels are also sometimes called “Timur ruby’’

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5. Always Consider Certified Jewelry:

Buying an engagement ring is a lifetime affair; make sure to buy certified stone tested by independent gem testing laboratories such as GIA, IGI, etc. In order to save a few dollars, you should not compromise on the authenticity of the gem because who knows you end up buying a piece of colored glass instead of a rare piece of earth!

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6. Try Uniqueness:

The special and unique event of your life calls for something unique. The engagement ring gives you this opportunity to express your love in a unique way. If budget is not a constraint, then you can go for a swanky ruby and diamond ring but if you are looking for something more affordable, then you can go for a spinel engagement ring or a morganite ring. You can also try a combination of different colored stones. The idea is to explore as much as you can in order to materialize a ring that is not very common.

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