How To Choose The Best Tanzanite Shape And Setting For Your Hand

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Are you getting engaged or planning to get your wife a Tanzanite gemstone ring as an anniversary gift? Is it your birthstone that you wish to wear as a ring or do you simply crave a new stunning ring to stack on your finger? While diamonds are evergreen choices for rings, natural-colored gemstones have also gained popularity as the centerstones of engagement as well as anniversary rings.

One such alluring colored gemstone is the December birthstone, tanzanite. If you are hunting for tanzanite ring jewelry gift ideas for women, then this article can greatly benefit you. Stay tuned till the end to find the best tanzanite shapes in gemstone rings for different finger types.

Tanzanite Ring
Tanzanite Ring

Choosing the Best Tanzanite Shape and Setting for Your Ring

When choosing the best ring settings, finger types play a very important role. Your finger shape can be a key factor in deciding which gemstone shape will look the best on your hand. Let us explore the best tanzanite shapes and settings that will look fab on every woman’s hand.

Tanzanite Ring Settings for Long and Slender Fingers

Round-shaped tanzanite in a princess-cut set on a wider metal band can give your long fingers a bold look. Usually, most of the shapes and styles work nicely with long fingers so you can also go for a brilliant cut, asscher cut or cushion cut in tanzanite. If you have thin fingers, opt for smaller tanzanite stones set on thicker metal bands to create a wider look for your fingers.

Tanzanite Ring Settings for Large Knuckles

If you have larger knuckles than any average person, then the best choice is to pick wider and bolder metal bands. You can go for three-stone engagement rings with a tanzanite centerstone to give your fingers a more appealing look. The only thing we’ll ask you to avoid is a gemstone set in a thin metal band which might make your big knuckles stand out.

Tanzanite Ring Settings for Large Hands

Ditch minimalist designs with narrow bands and short tanzanite gemstones. Larger hands allow you to go for a big solitaire center stone or a cluster ring with multiple gemstones. If you are a big fan of the December birthstone then the tanzanite price wouldn’t bother you much and your exclusive tanzanite ring could be as big and bold as you wish. Try experimenting with a halo setting in diamonds for an over-the-top appearance.

Tanzanite Rings
Tanzanite Ring Settings for Large Hands


Tanzanite Ring Settings for Short Hands or Fingers

If your hands are very small it is better to go with small tanzanite rings such as a round brilliant cut tanzanite set in a narrow band. Extravagant designs will overpower your hands and your ring will unnecessarily grab attraction. Shorter hands will have short fingers which you would naturally want to give a leaner and longer look. The best way to do this is to wear a ring with vertically-set gemstones such as an oval or teardrop-shaped tanzanite stone. The elongated look can also be achieved with a marquise or emerald-cut tanzanite ring.

Tanzanite Ring Settings for Slim and Chubby Fingers

Slim fingers do not compliment bold designs hence a small tanzanite gemstone in a round brilliant, princess cut or a cushion cut set in a diamond pave metal band can be detailed more than enough without creating a fuss. If your fingers are a little chubby then you can wear a ring with a huge tanzanite gemstone set in a heavy metal band. Feel free to try out halo, cluster, and three-stone ring settings for an enhanced look.

End Note

It’s not essential that every ring design that is otherwise beautiful would look equally attractive when placed on your finger. But don’t feel disheartened because you will always find a ring design that will look the best on your finger. Whether you are visiting jewelry stores or buying a ring online, we hope that the points discussed above will save you some time in finding your best tanzanite shape and setting.

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