How to Buy Genuine Certified Natural Emerald Online?

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Emerald gemstones have a captivating green color that has fascinated people for centuries. Though different green-colored gems are available, the verdant hue of Panna stone is magical. This gemstone from the Beryl family is considered precious and has a deep history that gives it a beautiful significance. The natural emerald stone symbolizes new beginnings, fertility, and growth. The other names for these gemstones are Panna, Marakatha stone, Zamurrad stone, Azamgarbh stone, Budh Ratna, Budh Mani, Parnaya, Sauparnaya, Markat stone, Vajavala, Margadam stone and Nilu Pannu. The history of this gemstone gets popularity from the ‘Queen of Egypt,’ Cleopatra, who was fond of these green emerald stones. The natural Panna stone is in trend and adorned beautifully as an emerald engagement ring.

How Do I Choose a Quality Panna Stone?

This beautiful gemstone is believed to have magical powers. From representing the stone as a truth bearer to being the birthstone of May, this beryl emerald has come a long way. This magical gemstone is bestowed with a stunning green hue and is extensively used as a jewelry piece. Gemstone lovers wear emerald rings, pendants, Panna stone bracelets, and earrings exclusively. The gemstone also features astrological benefits, such as enhancing the wearer with wealth, prosperity, and success. Whatever may be the purpose, this gemstone should be of premium quality. Of course, like diamonds are loved for no flaws, colored gemstones are also admired for the same. A Panna stone engagement ring with no flaws has a captivating look. Apart from this, astrological gemstones also seek natural inclusion-free gemstones. Thus, it is essential to choose a quality emerald stone. The factors that influence the premium quality of the stone are as follows:

Color: The color is the determining factor that impacts the stone’s quality. A natural Marakatha stone with a vivid green hue is considered superior. To assess the color, experts believe its hue, tone, and saturation. The most coveted hue is pure green, and a touch of blue as a secondary shade can enhance its worth. Good quality emeralds exhibit medium to vivid saturation with even color distribution. ‘Tone’ denotes the lightness or darkness of the stone and is rated on a scale of 0 to 10, with emeralds falling between 2 and 8 being highly valued.

Clarity: In terms of clarity, the original panna stone has minimal or no inclusions. Common inclusions include jardin, fingerprints, fractures, and cloudiness, which impact the stone’s value. Like oiling with substances such as castor or palm oil, Emerald enhancements aim to improve color and clarity. Untreated, no-oil emeralds are the most valuable.

Cut: The cut of an emerald significantly affects its appearance, with a symmetrical cut allowing light to enhance its brilliance. The emerald cut is favored due to the stone’s brittleness and susceptibility to damage at the corners.

Carat Weight: It also plays a crucial role in determining the value of an emerald, with larger stones commanding higher prices. These key factors guide Emerald stone prices in India: cut, clarity, carat size, and color.

Origin: The Colombian emerald stone is considered a premium quality emerald. The gemstone from this origin displays a stunning green color with few inclusions, making it a desirable gem. The gemstones from other locations, such as Ethiopia and Zambia, are also of good quality.

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Why Certified Panna Stone is Essential?

Certified gemstones are considered one of the most-priced gems. A genuine gemstone certificate provides detailed information about a specific gemstone. For example, the GRS certification (Gem Research Swisslab) for a Margadam stone evaluates various aspects such as carat weight, cut, clarity, origin, and color. Additionally, it indicates whether any treatments have been applied to the stone. Gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds receive grading based on the depth and richness of their colors.

According to GIA, emeralds are classified as ‘type III’ stones, which means they are always included. The common inclusions inside the gemstone are known as ‘jardin’ and are a natural stone characteristic.

Price of Certified Emerald Stone

The certified Panna stones online in India are priced higher. For instance, at Navratan, the online gem bazaar, the Ethiopian emerald price of 1.47 per carat (certified gemstone) is higher than the emerald stone price of 1.47 per carat. Why gemstone certification is essential? The certification holds great importance while investing in these beautiful gems. The specifications mentioned on the certificate highlight the stone’s color, origin, clarity, and treatment. The customers get sufficient knowledge about the gemstone, ensuring they invest in genuine emerald stone. The Emerald stone price per Ratti can range from thousands of rupees to lakhs. Among these, the certified Colombian emerald stones are priced higher concerning their high carat weight and vivid color and clarity.

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