How to Buy a Good Quality Tanzanite Gemstone

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Tanzanite is personally my favorite gemstone. It is an incredibly rare gemstone with an attractive blue sparkle. The gemstone symbolizes health and spirituality. If you are planning to buy tanzanite then you should be extra careful about the quality you are getting for the price you are paying. Tanzanite jewelry is almost 1000 times rarer than diamond jewelry, and no one wants to buy peanuts for the price of a chicken burger. This is why we are providing you with this buying guide. This will help you choose good quality tanzanite.

There is a 4C criterion to determine the quality of any gemstone first: let’s cover 4Cs for tanzanite and then we will proceed further to give you some other tips to buy good quality tanzanite.

Color and appearance of Tanzanite:

On the first look, you need to check that tanzanite blue does not have any cracks or fractures visible on its surface. When we talk about the color, the color of tanzanite gemstone varies from light purple to dark blue. The light purple shade of tanzanite gemstone is of AA quality and the darkest one is of AAAA quality which is considered the best one.

Clarity of Tanzanite:

Colored gemstones do not have any universally accepted grading system for clarity. This is why in the case of tanzanite you have to rely on some of the common methods to check clarity. Hold the gemstone against the light and check if it is flawless or if it has some inclusions. Majorly, there are 3 types of inclusions you may see in tanzanite- crystal inclusion, needle inclusions, and feather inclusions. You can understand them with the help of a given image.

Image of inclusions from Tanzanite
Image of inclusions from Tanzanite

Cut of Tanzanite:

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Although being a retail customer, you do not need to know much about this factor but if you have this knowledge, it can be a bonus for you. Cutting a gemstone to a shape reduces its weight and increases cost because of the cutting charges. The perfect cut of any gemstone is the one that retains maximum weight. Sometimes cutting results in imperfections such as bad symmetry, loss of brilliance, etc. If you are considering buying loose tanzanite, you may get an imperfectly cut gemstone at a comparatively lower price.

Carat weight of Tanzanite:

The list of 4Cs also includes the carat weight of the gemstone. Carat is 1/5 of a gram. It takes time to form large crystals of any gemstone. Especially, when the gemstone is tanzanite it took 500 million years for it the form. Along with size, the clarity of the gemstone is equally important. If you want to buy tanzanite for investment purposes, we can say buying a 3-carat gemstone, with an A grade is better than buying a 10-carat tanzanite with a B grade.

Apart from these 4Cs, there are some other things you should keep in mind before buying tanzanite. Always prefer heat-treated tanzanite because it is much more durable. When you explore the market to buy tanzanite you will find that the D block mining area tanzanites are famous and gemstone sellers will pitch you to go for it even for an extra price. The fact is that no lab can certify that D block mining area tanzanites are better than others and hence it is pointless to spend extra money in the name of D block.

image of the tanzanite mining area
Image of the tanzanite mining area

If you have gone through this write-up thoroughly then, now you are ready to make every single penny worth on the purchase of tanzanite gemstone. So hurry up there are only a few fresh tanzanites left, go and grab one for yourself but do not forget to see it through these quality parameters.

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