How to become a model

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Nowadays, many people dream of becoming a model. Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadidand others are models who have made themselves known all over the whole world. So this all begs the question how did they do it? In this article, we will look at how to become a model and hopefully answer that question for you.   


Kendall Jenner become a model
Gigi Hadid become a model

Today, there are several ways to become a model because there have been huge changes in the modeling world in recent years.

Today, we no longer need to be 1m80 tall. Nor to fit only in 36. You can become a petite model, a plus-size model, or even a senior model.

Although modeling has become more accessible to everyone with the changes that have been made, the competition is tough. Plus, becoming a model takes a lot of hard work.

Here are some tips to become a model.

To become a model, you must first learn about the profession by asking yourself the following questions :

Do I like this pace of life?


Do I want to pose for photo shoots or parade on the catwalks?

Steps to becoming a model

Create your portfolio

The portfolio is your business card. You must create a book made up of several professional photo shoots. You must Select photographs in full length and portraits, from different shootings and specify your measurements and what you aspire to .

Find a modeling agency

The best-known modeling agencies are Ford, IMG Models, Elite, etc. There are thousands of them in France. You can join these modeling agencies during competitions organized by these modeling agencies or by sending your application. You can also attach photos of you being the most natural possible.

The criteria to become a model

You can start photo shoots at an early age. As an example, the stylist of the brand Guess ( spotted Gigi Hadid (, who at the age of two , posed for the first time . What makes her, the brand ambassador later.

The legal age to work as a model is 16 . You must be 16 years old to be able to start your modeling career with an agency .

In addition, each agency or each brand has different selection criteria, which may vary depending on current trends or the product to be promoted .

you must be photogenic. Moreover, atypical physiques and eccentricities are just as interesting as more classic beauties .

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You had to be very tall and very thin to be able to walk the catwalks during Fashion Week because there were changes that led to the houses of couture to scroll mannequins beyond size 36.

You can also try the detailed model, which only focuses on one part of your body because some modeling agencies specialize in hands, feet, legs, mouth, etc.

Being a model also means taking care of yourself. Your body and your face become your working tools . To stay healthy, you must have a certain sports discipline and limit excesses.

The attitude to being a model

To be a model, you must have confidence in yourself, put yourself forward and impose yourself. Your job is to be as comfortable as possible in front of lenses and cameras, often in front of dozens of people.

Striking a pose can be learned. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and gain respect. Some photo shoots can be more challenging than others .

Don’t hesitate to say Stop when you’ve reached the limit you set for yourself, and never agree to anything you don’t want to do .

How to succeed a cast?

To be successful in casting, you must have courage, and motivation and be well prepared. If you want to audition for a brand, you need to find out about the history, image, and news of the brand in question. To avoid dark circles and be in great shape, you need to rest well the day before .

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For your look, you need to put on an outfit that you feel comfortable in and that makes you look good. You need to put on a comfortable pair of heels. Also, don’t forget to put a pair of sneakers in your bag to decompress after the casting .

For your make-up, you must opt ? for light textures. You absolutely have to forget the eccentricities because recruiters want to see your natural face .

On the day itself, you absolutely must show concentration. You need to avoid stress. You have to know how to handle it. You must smile, remain enthusiastic and show your determination.



Nowadays, with the changes that have been made in modeling, anyone with courage, motivation, and self-control can become a model and above all, become influential models like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid.

Thus, to become a model, you must first have courage, motivation, self-control, regular sports activities, and healthy eating.

The legal age to be able to start your modeling career with an agency is 16 years old. Above all, you need to be photogenic, create your portfolio and find a modeling agency.

Also, each modeling agency has different recruitment criteria given the trends or products to be promoted.

During a casting, you must take care of your dress look and your make-up while remaining as natural as possible. Smile, stay enthusiastic, show your determination, and avoid stress.

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