How to become a fashion influencer ?

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The universe of the fashion influencer is omnipresent in everyday life. Social networks such as Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube and others abound a lot fashion influencers who promote their various tips and looks of the day to their followers. 10 years ago, there were not enough creators of content compared to today given the lack of sophisticated telecommunications means.

Influencers appeal to a much larger audience.

How to become a fashion influencer ?

On social networks such as Tiktok(, Instagram(, Youtube( and others, there are a large number of accounts that publish content on topics such as beauty, decoration, storage tips, travel, gaming, fashion and many others.

In addition, fashion influencers and influencers publish content imposing their own style.

To become an influencer:

– you have to dare;

– do not be afraid of the gaze or judgment of others;

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– you have to follow your idea to the end.

Today’s biggest influencers such as Lena Mahfouf( and Marie Lopez( fr), will tell you that their beginnings were not always easy.

Fashion Influencer Lena Mahfouf


Fashion Influencer Lena Mahfouf

Photo by Lena Mahfouf

Influencer Mary Lopez

fashion Influencer Mary Lopez

Photo by Marie Lopez

So what are the keys ?

First key : perseverance

You must at all costs continue to post content regularly even if your Instagram posts or Youtube videos do not have more than 80 likes or more than 500 views for several years, although this is frustrating.

For example, the August Vlogs of Lena Situations have not been seen for several periods but today it is the most anticipated appointment of the summer that thousands of subscribers are eagerly awaiting.

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Second key : the material

Until a few years ago, the quality of the videos or photos posted was not of major importance. But today, it is essential.

The equipment indeed represents a certain investment but which can be spread over several years.


Nowadays, many fashion influencers are ubiquitous every second on social networks such as Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube and others to promote their various tricks and looks of the day to their followers.

So to become a fashion influencer, you have to dare, not let yourself be overtaken by the gaze or judgment of others and fully follow your idea.

You have to have perseverance to be able to continue posting content regularly even if this content does not reach a certain number of clicks or views.

It is also necessary that the hardware equipment used to design its various contents be of very good quality and advanced in order to have a very good quality of photo or video because the quality attracts a large number of eyes and interactions.

By Lonesky Dumax

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