How To Achieve Minimalist Look


In modern fashion, a minimalist look is on-trend, and most people choose this style for an everyday look. Whether it’s casual, formal, or a street style minimalist look is always on the go. Personally, minimalist is my most go-to style, and what I like about this style is that it only consist of 2 color combination. Very simple and not irritated in the eye. So here are the Top 4 ideas on how to achieve a minimalist look.

White & Nude Minimalist Look Outfit Idea

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White & Nude Look Outfit Idea may be somewhat basic for most of us but as you notice it is a 2 color combination only. Whitetop, Nude bottom, and white shoes as well as the bag that gives combo to the whole outfit. Whatever you may be wearing like a white top it always matches a nude bottom or you could switch it if you want. Nude top and white bottom, whatever makes you feel comfortable. This White & Nude Minimalist Look Outfit Idea is good for ladies who want a basic style.

Casual White & Black Minimalist Look Outfit Idea

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The casual White & Black Look Outfit Idea is such a good choice in achieving a minimalist look. You might say white & black are too boring to wear but I tell you they are the most pick out the choice of color for minimalism.

Beige Minimalist Outfit Idea

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Beige Look Outfit Idea is never out of style. When you search fashion minimalist, Beige is mostly the number one style that would come out. Do you know why? It is easy to pair with especially a nude color and it’s not something you could easily get off wearing.

White On White Look Outfit Idea

minimalist look 9

White On White Look Outfit Idea will always be my go-to style. If you read my previous blog, I’ve mentioned how I love wearing white and how white gives me so much peach and relaxation. I think this look is a classic with a pair of good bags and some pieces of jewelry.


Achieving a minimalist look is not that difficult to do because minimalism when it comes to fashion is about choosing to wear an outfit that only serves a purpose. This is what most people say as living simply and wearing a basic outfit that you could just easily grab in your closet. How about you? How do you achieve a minimalist look? 


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By Belle Willow

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