How To Achieve A Good Pose

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Posing can heavily impact your pictures. The difference between a fabulous picture and a picture people won’t take note of. The setting, the lighting, and your body movement. In this article, we will talk about how to pose so you can achieve a good pose for any photoshoot.

~ Learn to balance and or move your weight around

Balance and the ability to move your weight around is important in posing

The ability to move your weight around can give you a variety of shapes and angles in your photos. But it’s not just about moving the weight, you will also need to learn how to balance after shifting your weight from one end to another. Upraised and out-lifted hips tend to give the semblance of an ideal body look, notwithstanding the person’s weight or height.

~Straighten Your Back And Adjust Your Shoulders

As if you were pulling your shoulders back. This generally gives your torso a better look and gives your body a flattering silhouette. With this act, you can angle your body toward the camera. Even when you are not facing the camera, you have to give it an audience. Your body language still needs to communicate with the viewer, so even the most non-challan pose still has an audacity about it.

~Don’t Be Afraid To Be Creative

Use your body. Be bold and speak the language your body wants to speak. Don’t the rules about good posture confine you? go whichever direction your body wants to, simply find the best way to do it. The best way to look at it. Everybody is different, round in some places, knobby in others, even awkward. Use all these to achieve the story you have to tell. Even if you want to communicate nothing, let your nothing be audacious.

~Give Your Pose Life 

Bring your pose to life

Beauty is the essence of life and the essence of life is beautiful. What better way to depict beauty than by adding life to it. Avoid limp and weak posing. Even when you are depicting a tired person, remember that you are communicating, so speak regardless.

~Take Note Of The Light And Camera

The positions of these two are very important. Even if a photographer is majorly in charge of these, it is important for you as a model or dancer to take note of these too. Learn how to locate the light, so your image is clear and full of shadows, For shots that require shadows, the direction of the shadows matter. Again, the effects of shapes and angles in posing.

~Your Hair And Makeup

The look of everything is important, so even if you are depicting birds’ nest hair, make it look good/right. Even when you are not wearing makeup in a shoot, at least look good, avoid ashy skin and dry lips, it’s not flattering. The importance of a stylist on set goes beyond dressing the models. It goes as deep as making sure they look right!

Cover Image by Godisable Jacob

By Princess Okechukwu

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