How Models Walk in a Fashion Show

Professional models walk in different ways while they are on a runway in a fashion show. Similarly, there are different types of ramp walking. Additionally, a successful fashion model is one who knows all types of runway walks. Therefore, in this blog, I have highlighted all the main types of ramp walks. You just need to read them carefully and adopt certain body postures by doing some practice. Our Fashion Passion is such a platform that provides you with not only diverse but valid information.

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Attitude Ramp Walk

When models do attitude ramp walk, they actually are concerned with particular fashion styles and brands. Similarly, they pose for comfort, self-expression, and particular style. You need to be very much professional and confident enough for an attitude walk. Additionally, you need to give different body poses throughout your ramp walk.  Ramp Walk

Cat Walk Models

Catwalk is a very technical and unique style of ramp walk. In this type of ramp walk models need to walk very precisely and in a narrow lane. Models require to step their legs properly and in the front line direction. Usually, the model needs to have a flexible body with sharp moving legs.  Additionally, your hips should move properly and accordingly. mostly, highly professional models are chosen for this type of special walk. Cat Walk

Flirty Ramp Walk

In this type of ramp walk models flirt with the audience in a number of ways. They give very flirty indications to the viewers. However, showing too many smiles can go wrong for models. Similarly, models use eye contact, body exposure, and some dashing body posing styles. Additionally, a rhythmic walk with some lovely body indications is always preferred. Models who advertise for certain sexual things do flirty ramp walks. Flirt Walk


Happy Ramp Walk

When models walk briskly on the ramp, they actually do the happy ramp walk. Mostly, models reflect that they like very much whatever they have worn. Similarly, a happy ramp walk can be done for earrings, shoes, apparel, and showing cosmetic products. Additionally, TV commercials demand such type of walk from models. You need to be quite happy while promoting certain things. Happy Ramp Walk

Sexy Ramp Walk

For sexy lingerie, bra, underwear, and short skirts models require the sexy ramp walk. This type of ramp walk is quite common in all the major fashion events in the world. However, on a beach fashion show week, most of the models require a sexy ramp walk. For this type of walk, models should have an attractive body and legs. Similarly, the more gorgeous you look like a model, the more your work demand will be.  Sexy walk


Models who do the ramp walk are highly professionals. They work and train themselves for hours and days. Similarly, every type of ramp walk has its own importance and style. Therefore, if you want to walk like a ramp walk model, always watch them very keenly and closely.

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