How I Battle Dandruff All My Life, Overcoming With A Simple Hair Routine

simple hair routine

“Que sera sera, what will be, will be ” how many of us can remember this song sang by Doris It Day? While growing up I guess all of us little kids sang this song and we believed it. My mum singing it to me you can see my lips wilding all over my face. A few years ago I was growing up as a normal girl with a lot of hair on my scalp, I see my mum wash my hair and massage some unknown oil into my scalp with a simple hair routine, believe me, it always feels so good.

simple hair routine 1

I watch myself and my hair grow together with time my mum left me to myself fend for myself and my hair surely in the world of my own I was staggering. Well with time I noticed white stuff coming out of my hair.

At first, I took no notice of it, “I mean it cannot be anything bad” I said to myself with time it becomes a norm.

So bad I was embarrassed with my hair. I have to do something concerning this, I know what will be will be; what if I am not meant to have that dandruff? What if I had to put extra effort(into my hair routine)? That was when it’s dawn on me that I got to take an intentional step.

My simple hair routine

Some of the steps I took are written down below although it is for me and it is my simple hair routine, it can also work for you;


I could have been careless about it but this is my hair I am talking about, I have to be mindful and intentional about it. I went online to carry out some research to know how to handle my hair and care for my hair, doing this takes a lot of energy and time but in the, end it is worth it.

Know your hair type:

This cannot be reiterated enough, knowing your hair type gives you an edge. With this, you can manipulate your hair and still be safe, I know you must have heard you can break the rule but not the law… You can apply this to your hair routine.


Wash day:

So many tend to be careless on their wash day but if I am going to change this mentality let it be a day you pamper your hair, I mean your hair needs all the whole pampering it could get.

Your personals:

I will explain in a bit, I know you have been told you can just use any comb or even towel but I promise you if you love your hair and want to stay away from dandruff please make these items your personal.


Ultimately be mindful of what you apply to your hair. This is ultimate, I have seen people apply different oils on their hair please look for oil that is appropriate for your hair don’t apply oil on your dry hair. The solution applies it on your damp or with your leave in conditional.


Follow this process and a simple hair routine. Be strategic in drafting your hair routine for your hair, believe me, in a little time you will see great changes. I have followed this simple routine for 6 years and I tell you I am free from this dandruff.

Maybe “what will be will be” after all…

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By Chioma Obasi

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