How Do You Wear Clothes that Fit Your Body Shape?

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Once you get an idea of what your body shape is like, no one can stop you from looking classy and elegant. Once you find out your body shape, it is incredible and easy to build a wardrobe with those you love to wear. So, think about your dresses and style, and be ready to grab them from the best online boutiques.

How to dress as per your body types

1 – Hourglass body shape

When you have an hourglass body shape, this body is the most balanced portion, like the top and bottom part with a well-defined waistline. So, when you are looking for dresses, choose the one that is only for you. Choose the dress, which represents the right curve, and follow the outline of the curves.

2 – Apple body shape

When your upper body is heavier than your lower part of the body, it means you will see under an apple-shaped figure.

You need to flaunt your legs or wear the V neckline floral dresses for women, which created an illusion of the body. You could also wear pants, tops with skinny jeans; it will make you more visible.

3 – Pear type body

The pear-shaped body is only in the lower part, but your thighs are visually bigger than your upper body. To the advantage of this shape, you can create an illusion of an hourglass figure with the correct style.

Wide-leg pants, line skirts, and dresses for curvy women with the pattern or ruffled top also give the upper body a great look.

4 – Rectangle body type

This body shape is well-balanced from the shoulder to the hips. There is not too much of your outline; it is relatively straightforward.

I prefer to wear line skirts and layering tops. Dresses add the definition to your bottom and neckline that add the upper body.

5 – Inverted triangle body type

This body shape is like; shoulders are broader than your hips. It would be best if you enhanced your arms and shoulders, so let’s work on them. You should wear straight jeans and dresses and V-look clothes that suit your body.

I hope you’ll understand the fundamental of body shape and guide on what to wear accordingly. comment down any queries if you have, I will love to hear from you.

Thank you for the reading…

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By Rida Khan

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