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I’m sure I’m not the only one who becomes an itchy, scaly, sensitive mess once the temperature drops below 40 degrees. In the winter, my skin has cracked and even bled, and so many various types of fabric seem to upset me for days after I’ve worn them. However, over the years, I’ve discovered a variety of goods and procedures that have shown to be beneficial. This is how I deal with dry skin during the winter.
When it comes to sensitivity and dryness, there are three things I’ve done that have greatly improved my skin on my face and body:


I read last year on Wirecutter and Strategist and other reliable review sites that this particular cool mist humidifier was the finest. I purchased two of them, one for the living room and the other for our bedroom. Those humidifiers were also terrible. We gave them away in our city’s Buy Nothing organization because they were difficult to clean, noisy, and large. We did, however, notice the advantages of using cool mist humidifiers in our home.

So we went from Crane to this one this year. It’s less expensive, easier to clean, quieter, and comes in a variety of fun colors. We have one in our room, one in our living room, and one in our daughter’s room, and it has made a significant difference in the quality of the air indoors, as well as in the appearance of our skin. Not only that, but as someone who suffers from dry allergy eyes, I can tell – my eyes are happy!


Years ago, I purchased a shower filter and noticed a significant difference in the condition of my hair. My hair was more manageable and looked healthier, and my color lasted longer. However, when we received a nice new shower head, I forgot to replace the filter and removed it.

With the shower filter, my family has found that their skin isn’t as dry or sensitive, and lotions appear to absorb easier. So we’ve been replacing the interior filter every few months and it’s made such a difference. This small device is beneficial to the face, hair, and body.


I understand that this isn’t for everyone, so feel free to keep scrolling. However, I’ve noticed a lot of benefits from taking certain supplements, one of which is happier skin.

When I was looking for a solution for my skin  I started taking olive oil. They make my skin soft and smooth,  then I took vitamin D supplements for my skin after a month of taking vitamin E capsules every morning, and my skin wasn’t as dry or irritated.


I started taking a vegan Omega-3 pill when I went plant-based during the pandemic to make up for what I wasn’t getting from dairy, meat, and seafood. I didn’t get much of a response. However, once I reintroduced a few animal products into my diet, I saw a significant improvement in my skin.


I know, I know, that everybody promotes it, and studies have even concluded that water consumption has little effect on skin hydration. However, it had an impression on me. This 32 oz. bottles are in my possession in twos. One is at my workplace, and the other is on the way from my bed to the Peloton bike (and then the kitchen to clean and then upstairs with me at bedtime). When I go to sleep, I vow to empty both and drink 64 oz. This is on top of any coffee, tea, or other beverage… even sparkling water cans.

I wouldn’t argue that drinking more water has made my skin more moisturized, but it has made it less sensitive. I wasn’t as itchy, my skin wasn’t as red, and the products I applied to my skin seemed to work better. In general, my skin appeared to be in a better mood. It glowed, there were fewer hormonal breakouts, and the tone was more even.

By Sara Khan

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