How Can I Remove A Sun Tan Quickly?

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Summer’s heat, pollution, and dust can lead to darkened skin color known as a sun tan. It is a process whereby skin color is darkened or tanned. It is more often the result of exposure to sunlight or pollution. Once the skin is exposed to UV radiation, it increases the production of melanin to protect the skin from further damage and may cause your skin tone to darken. A natural tan will usually last for around 7-10 days. In this article, we look through some home remedies and precautions to prevent or remove a sun tan.

Can heat make you tan?

Not really, there is no connection between temperature and tanning. Tanning is caused because of exposure to UV (ultraviolet) rays on your body. A tan occurs only in the presence of UV rays even if it is natural or artificial.

What are the best methods to remove a sun tan?

There are lots of products available in the market to prevent or remove sun tanning or you can use home remedies to remove tan. Both are effective methods to remove sun tan.

How to get rid of tan fast

The fastest and most effective way to remove sun tan is exfoliating and skin care. Gently exfoliating the skin will remove the dead skin cells from the outer layer of skin. According to the skin type, be sure to exfoliate gently because overdoing can cause redness and itchy skin. Over-exfoliation can lead to pimple breakout and dark spots on your skin.

Home remedies to remove sun tan:-

Honey and lemon juice

honey and lemon juice remove a sun tan.

Lemon juice has bleaching properties that help to remove sun tan easily and naturally meanwhile honey keeps your skin soft and smooth. Lemon contains alpha-hydroxy acid which exfoliates the upper layer of the skin and removes the tan. It reduces the production of melanin that forms the color of skin.

How to apply:– Add 3-5 drops of lemon juice to 1 Spoon of Honey and apply it to the tanned area.



  • Removes tan
  • Provide soft and smooth skin
  • Lighten the skin colour
  • Gram flour and turmeric



Turmeric is an excellent skin brightening agent while gram flour lightens the skin effectively. This ace pack apparently works wonders to enhance skin fairness.

How to apply:- Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder in 2 tablespoons of gram flour. Apply it onto your face for 15 mins and wash it off with cold water.

Doing this regularly removes the sun tan from your skin within a week.


  • Exfoliate skin
  • Remove sun tan
  • Brighten skin
  • Provide glow
  • Moisturise

Saffron and milk

 remove a sun tan

Saffron is a traditional skin beauty ingredient that has a natural skin glowing agent. It also cures other skin problems like acne, pigmentation etc. Milk itself is a skin brightening agent which reduces the production of melanin.

How to apply:- Soak some strands of saffron in a glass of milk overnight. Apply the milk to the affected area and leave it for 15-20 mins. Wash it off with normal water and repeat the process thrice a week for better results.

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  • Remove tan
  • Remove pigmentation
  • Lighten darkened skin
  • Provide glowing and soft skin
  • Reduce dark circles

Potato juice

potato juice remove a sun tan.

Potatoes are a natural bleaching agent that can lighten and remove stubborn tan from your skin. It also has Vitamin C and antioxidant properties that help to improve the skin complexion.

How to apply:- Extract the juice of the potato and add some drops of lemon. Apply on the affected area and keep it for

20 mins before rinsing with cold water.


  • Anti-ageing
  • Removes sun tan
  • Improves skin complexion
  • Tighten skin pores

Sandalwood powder and rose water

sandlewood and rosewater remove a sun tan.

Sandalwood helps to get rid of a sun tan. It reduces the redness caused by the sun tan and provides a cooling effect. It is also used as an antiseptic that prevents the breakout of acne.

How to apply:- Add rose water to sandalwood powder to make a thick paste and apply to your face and onto the affected area. Rinsing off after 20mins with cold water.


For better results apply thrice a week.


  • Reduce sun tan
  • Remove pimples
  • Gives cooling effect
  • Reduce redness

These home remedies are effective in a good way to remove tanning. You can also use the products available in the market to remove sun tan. These may take several applications to show results, but they can work effectively to fade the darker areas of skin.

Look out for the products that contain the ingredients given below:-

  • Vitamin C
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Zinc oxide
  • Titanium dioxideRetinoids

Precautions should be taken while going out:-

  • Wear sunscreen while going out in the sun
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Avoid the worst summer sun

Written by:- Deepika Singh 
Photo Credit:- Google Images

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