How Can I Match My White Gold Earrings With My Face Shape?

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For generations, humans have been wearing jewelry and white gold earrings specifically to reflect their social status and well-off financial background. While curating a piece of jewelry is entirely an individual’s personal choice and budget matter, it’s not necessary that every design makes you look the best. While a mere piece of jewelry that suits your physical persona can elevate your appearance, a wrongly picked one can be disastrous for your look. So if till now you have been wearing jewelry, especially your earrings, only as per your choice and budget considerations, then we have jotted down below some guiding tips on how you could choose the best white gold earring designs for yourself according to your face shape.

Determining Your Face Shape

The first step towards determining the best earring style for yourself is to analyze the shape of your face. Five common shapes of a human face could be oval, round, heart, square, and diamond. To determine your face shape, look at your facial features in the mirror. To make it simpler, you can trace the outline of your face using lipstick or eyebrow pencil and then analyze it in the mirror. Once you are able to analyze the boundaries of your face you will understand what shape it is similar to and then it would be easier for you to curate a perfect pick for your face type.

Suitable White Gold Earring Designs for Round Face

Those with a round face have wider cheekbones but a narrow face shape at the forehead and near the jawline, giving them a circular face structure without any angles. If you have a cute round face then we would recommend long and edgy drop earrings or bold danglers with your preferred gemstone and metal type. Avoid wearing circular hoops, studs, or disc-shaped drops as they will make your face appear rounder. For a casual outing, you could opt for white gold earrings with teardrops and pick long rose gold metal danglers for a more sophisticated look.

Suitable Earring Designs for Oval Face

An oval-shaped face is recognized by a not-so-wide forehead lining ending at high cheekbones and leading to a slightly rounded chin that resembles the shape of an egg. Women with oval faces can look great with any type of earrings, however, studs, huggies, hoops, and triangle-shaped ear jewelry will bring the best out of their natural beauty. While hoops carved out of white metals can finish off the look for any formal gathering, gemstone studs can offer an office-ready style.

Suitable Earring Designs for Square Face

If you have a square-shaped face, you would probably have a similar width face from your forehead to your jawline. Your broad facial features and sharp-edged jawline will match best with opposite-shaped earring designs such as medium-sized oval or round-shaped earrings. You can also go for oversized round loops or long circular dangling drops to attract more attention.

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Suitable White Gold Earring Designs for Diamond Face

Diamond-shaped faces are recognized by narrow foreheads and jawlines as compared to wider cheekbones. Since these individuals have elongated faces, they must avoid wearing long danglers, instead, stud and cluster earrings would suit their face type the best. They can also experiment with hoops of various shapes as statement jewelry to outshine the style statement of every other woman at the gathering.

Suitable Earring Designs for Heart Face

Women with heart-shaped faces are born with wider foreheads and narrower cheekbones, with the width of their face reducing as the jawline is reached. They could complement their pointed chins with geometric drops and chandelier earrings. For a perfectly balanced facial look, opt for earring designs that are narrow at the top but wider at the bottom to give more emphasis to the lower half of your face.


Suitable White Gold Earring Designs for a Long & Narrow Face

In case you have an overall long and narrow face, then you need to choose earring designs that could hide your elongated face but add to its width. For this to happen, pick any round-styled earring design in hoops, studs, clusters, etc. Avoid wearing earrings that would run down your shoulders, instead, opt for dangles with very short drops. Statement jewelry with big curves and extra volume can add more area to your face.

Something Universal To Complement Any Face Shape

In that case, we would advise you to pick classic studs on yellow or white metal bases with your favorite gemstone embellishments. You could also pick up metal hoops of any shape and size to give a perfect finish to your face. To add volume to your facial features, go for big round loops, while sticking to small drops or studs can guarantee a minimal impact on your face.

End Note

Earrings are the only piece of jewelry that has the ability to either give your face a minimalist gleam with their subtle design or a flashy & bouncy look with their extravagant charm. We hope by now you would have understood what a prominent role your face shape plays in deciding which type of earrings would look the best on you. So if you have already picked your style, all you need to do now is to browse the official website of GemsNY and curate the best pair of white gold earrings to grab eyeballs at your next social gathering.

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