Homemade Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

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10 Homemade skincare routines for oily skin that can prevent acne:

If you have oily skin, you know the importance of keeping your skin clean. Not only is oily skin more prone to acne, but it can also lead to a number of other skin problems. The good news is that there are a number of ways to keep your skin clean and clear – many of which you can do right at home.

In this article, we will discuss 10 homemade skincare routines for oily skin. We will cover everything.

Looking for a skincare routine that can help control oily skin and prevent acne? Here are 10 easy-to-follow tips that you can make at home:

1. Keep your skin well hydrated.

Oily skin needs to be hydrated. Try a good-quality moisturizer to absorb excess oil. The skin around the nose will naturally oil up more than anywhere else on the face, but keeping it moisturized can help. The problem is that some people get a little sensitive around the nose due to the sensitivity of the pores. Don’t overdo it though. A little moisturizer goes a long way to preventing oily skin.

2. Limit your use of makeup.

Makeup clogs pores and gets oil everywhere. If you use a ton of makeup to try and hide your acne and get oil everywhere, you will be clogging your pores even more. Make sure that you have clean skin and you use just a small amount of makeup.

3. Get plenty of sleep.

People who are sleep-deprived often produce extra oil. Make sure to get seven to eight hours of sleep & rest every night. Get more sleep if you can.

4. Stay hydrated.

Drinking water can help keep the skin well-hydrated. It prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated and cracked. If you can drink water throughout the day, do so. If you aren’t a big water drinker, add a few drops of essential oils to your water before drinking.


5. Wash your makeup off.

Washing your makeup off will remove excess oil from the skin. If you can, wash your makeup off in the shower. Take it off first so you don’t have to worry about it getting in the shower as you are getting clean.

6. Moisturize properly.

Moisturizers that aren’t oil-free often clog pores and cause them to become blocked. Some oil-free moisturizers still contain silicone-based oil. You will be clogging your pores if you use one of these products. Choose a moisturizer that contains nothing but natural oils to ensure that your pores stay open and clean.

7. Do self-tanners in the evening.

Many people like to use self-tanners in the morning. They look nice and get rid of blemishes and blackheads, but UV exposure in the morning can lead to hyperpigmentation. For those people who like the look of self-tanners, don’t use them in the morning.

8. Keep sun exposure to a minimum.

Excessive sun exposure can damage the skin and cause blackheads. If you are going to be in the sun, wear sun-block. Don’t do an hour in the sun on your back and then walk around covered in sunscreen, or you will only make your oil glands worse. Cover your entire body and face with sunscreen. If you are going to the beach, get a beach umbrella and cover yourself when you go to the beach. You can also use aloe vera to make a natural sunscreen if you have sensitive skin.

9. Limit or cut out caffeine.

Caffeine can contribute to acne. Keep caffeine to a minimum. If you have a problem with excess oil on the face or your skin being extra-sensitive, cut out caffeine or reduce your intake.

10. Eat a healthy diet.

Eat an oily or fat-free diet. Avoid fatty meats like sausage and fatty proteins like bacon. This will leave your skin well-hydrated. Avoid overly processed foods. Avoid canned foods.

In this article, we have provided you with a list of 10 different homemade skincare routines that you can use to help prevent acne. We hope that you have found this information useful. If you would like to learn more about skincare, please visit our Profile or follow us.

By Sarvan

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