Homemade Besan Face Mask Pack

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People have been using masks for a long time for many reasons.  Many use harsh chemicals others just seem a little bit strange. For most a natural face mask seems to work best so here’s my favorite face mask pack recipe using besan. I’ve been sharing a few easy face mask recipes and this is my favorite.


Face masks are great for sensitive skin.  The skin that tends to break out when the skin needs moisture, but is dry and tends to have flaky patches. The homemade besan face mask is simple and cheap, requires only 3 ingredients, has a creamy consistency. You will notice it gives soft, smooth, and glowing skin in no time.

This is one of the easiest and quickest homemade face masks to prepare, and doesn’t require much effort. It helps the skin to shed those dead and lifeless cells and gives it a fresh feeling. It gets rid of acne and blemishes as well. This face mask helps lighten dark and dull spots on your face and get rid of spots that are stubborn and will not vanish.

Treatments for Besan Face Masks

Homemade besan face mask recipe is also used to treat all types of skin, including sensitive skin.  It provides much-needed moisture so essential to healthy facial skin.  Also, it’s great for oily skin that needs to be properly cleaned.  Use it 2-3 times a week before you can expect to see results.

How to make besan face mask?

This homemade besan face mask will not only reduce the look of dark spots on your face, but it will also restore your skin to a fresh and radiant look. This face mask is also an easy and cheap method of keeping your skin glowing and rejuvenated all throughout the year.

Homemade besan face mask

Besan is a wonderful addition to skin care regimens. You can buy besan flour (also called gram flour) at your local Indian grocery store. Do note that if you buy besan flour, it must be organic and gluten-free, which is quite difficult to find at your local grocery stores. You can make besan yourself using an air-fryer to cook and dry the besan and baking soda for the face mask.

Why besan is a great mask?

Besan is a great product, so don’t miss this easy homemade face mask. You can also add more ingredients, like turmeric powder for acne and blemish treatment or milk to create an all-natural face mask for very sensitive skin. Besan is a great option for any skin, sensitive or not. You can make besan face masks for sensitive skin to keep it moisturized and rejuvenated. It’s naturally gluten-free, so no worries about it reacting with other ingredients in the recipe and damaging your skin.

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Why besan is used in skin care products?

Besan is mainly used in Indian cooking. It is used in savory Indian dishes like paratha and dosa. It is also a great source of nutrition and is used in a variety of Indian dishes for health. Besan is used in many other savory dishes and can replace a lot of other ingredients such as wheat, potato, buckwheat, and lentils. Because of its versatility, besan flour is often used as a cheap substitute for wheat or any other flour. It is inexpensive and a great replacement for wheat, rice and other flours that can aggravate your skin and cause allergies.

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