This course is intended to take the student from the very begging to expert in the exploding field of blogging and copywriting. Today there are so many opportunities for a seasoned copywriter including employment, freelance, influencer and more. Add SEO copywriting into the tool kit and a copywriter can almost name their price. When you complete this course, coupled with your practical training with our expert copywriters, graphic artists, video production pros, and SEO experts you should be able to produce quality content. 

Who is this course for?

This course is for any and all bloggers and influencers. The course will cover the necessary tools, techniques, and formats to create high-quality professional content. The content section is produced by our expert professional copywriters who currently work in the digital marking space. The SEO portion of the course is constructed by high-level SEO experts with many years of experience in the field. The course also offers valuable free resources used by experts to produce superior high-quality work each and every day. 

Every blog published by the student on Our Fashion Passion will be reviewed for content, grammar, SEO, creative, and general suitability for publishing by our team of experts. The team will make recommendations to the student so they can optimize each and every piece before it is published and indexed by search engines. Last, the team is always willing to answer questions to help the student reach a high level of proficiency in writing good-quality blogs.

Course Overview

  • Professional Blogging Masterclass- This is designed to give you the basic tools you will need to get started blogging.
  • Practical Training- Your practical training comes from writing. Each blog will be manually reviewed and edits suggested to improve flow, look, grammar and SEO.
  • Monetization- There are many ways to monetize your writing and we will alk you through many of them 
  • Promotion- Promotion is the key to building an audience you can bank on. We will show you how to promote your blogs. 
  • Blogging hacks- We will give you tips and tricks to “stop the scroll” and get your blocks to read. 
  • Ask the experts- You will be able to ask our expert team for help, insights, strategies, and direction. 
  • Blog Review – Every blog students submit will be reviewed by our experts and feedback provided for optmization. 

Professional Blogging Masterclass






Skill Level






Lesson 1 TN

Lesson 1

In This lesson, you will learn what tools you will need to get started.

Lesson 2

In This lesson, you will learn how to get started and basic structure.

Lesson 3

In This lesson, you will learn writing first draft, images, title readability.

Lesson 4

In This lesson, you will learn How to use the WordPress Editor.

Lesson 5

In This lesson, you will learn how to use SEO tools. 

Lesson 6

In This lesson, you will learn to use analytical Tools for AIOSEO. 

Lesson 7

In This lesson, you will learn how to effectively promote your  blogs.

Lesson 8

In This lesson, you will learn strategies to monetize your blogs.

Lesson 9

In this lesson, we demonstrate how to write your first blog. 

Lesson 10

In This lesson, you will learn how to embed content into your blogs

Lesson 11

In This lesson, you will learn exactly how to promote your blogs on social media.

Lesson 12

In This lesson, you will learn where to get your photos and make great graphics. 

Monetizing Your Blogs

Lesson 13

In This lesson, you will learn how to build an email list you can profit from.

Lesson 14

In This lesson, you will learn basic affiliate marketing and using it in your blogs.

Lesson 15

In This lesson, you will learn guest posting and how to make money from it.