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A highlighter adds definition to your face and enhances your features. It can boost a dull and tired-looking complexion and give that dewy glow. A highlighter is an essential product in your makeup collections. Highlight your cheekbones, under the brows, and on the nose bridge. You can dab the product or swipe it all over depending upon the amount of glow you need to shine bright!

Highlight the areas of the face where you want to draw attention. The light naturally reflects on those specific areas of the face where a highlighter is applied, enhancing those particular features. The highlighters consist of the lighter colors and shiny pigments in their formula. It helps bring out the key points on the face.

You can also apply it to your eyelids to create a subtle highlight. It will instantly brighten your face, making it look healthy and radiant, and it will last all day.

Choose a color that will complement your skin and make you look radiant. It should be two or three shades lighter than your skin tone. Pink and white/silvery shades are great for people with cool undertones. Opt for gold shades if you have yellow or olive tones. Always choose a darker shade if you are on the warmer side. If you are on the medium to deep skin tone side, go for copper or peaches shades. 

Types of Highlighters

There are a wide variety of highlighters present these days. They come in Powders, creams, sticks, liquids, and jellies. Depending on your personal preference regarding the glow you need in your highlights, you can go for any type. If you opt for a more natural-looking, dewy look, you need more liquid or gel-based highlighters. While if you prefer a more over-the-top look, go for powder highlighters.

Powder Highlighter

Use a rounded fluffy makeup brush or a fan brush to apply the powder highlighter to your face. Apply it at the end of the makeup to specific face areas. Don’t forget to blend the highlighters properly, especially at the cheekbones, as you will not want a straight line shining under your eyes. 

Cream Highlighter

Use a small, round brush to pat the cream highlighter onto the cheekbones rather than sweeping it across the face. Blend it into the skin with fingers or a beauty blender. It will ensure you get the dewiest, natural-looking highlight possible.


Stick Highlighter

They are usually creamy formula highlighters, available in easy roll stick. While applying stick highlighters, gently dab the product into the skin. It creates a semi-matte finish that highlights the skin and gives it a more satiny, glamorous finish. 

Jelly Highlighter

Apply your moisturizer to your face, and then use a jelly highlighter where you want to create emphasis. It will help the highlighter set more quickly and be more pigmented. Once your highlighter is set, use a finishing powder to set your makeup in place. It will keep your makeup in place and look more polished.

Liquid Highlighter

Just apply a drop of liquid highlighter to your beauty blender or damp sponge, mix and blend foundation into the skin. You can do the face in one go or massage it into the skin in small circular motions to get the highest coverage. This technique is ideal for wanting a little bit of that dewy look without the shine.

The highlighter applied should be enough to give the desired effect. The highlighter should not be patchy or streaky, and it should be blended out so that the skin looks even. Always remember, less is more. You should avoid using too much highlighter on the tip of the nose, the forehead, chin, and around the mouth, as this will make these areas look oily.

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By Siddie F.Kay


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