Hessonite Gemstone: Harnessing the Power of Rahu

Hessonite gemstone ring
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Mystical Hessonite Gemstone (Gomed) and Its Significance

Hessonite gemstone (commonly referred to as Gomed or Gomedhikam), also renowned as Grossular garnets and found predominantly in shades of red-brown, reddish-orange, honey yellow, or even brown-yellow, is revered in Vedic astrology as being highly kindred with Rahu, thus making this gemstone highly significant and revered astrologically. It holds great astrological and mystic properties, which give this precious gem significant spiritual and astrological properties that stand the test of time!

Important components and uses for Hessonite Gemstone include:

Astrological Importance: Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets in Vedic astrology that strongly influence one’s destiny. Rahu can bring material desires, illusions, sudden changes, and spiritual development; wearing a hessonite stone may help counter the negative influences brought about by Rahu and bring positive transformation to one’s life.

Rahu Dasha: Living under Rahu’s influence, also referred to as ‘Rahu Dasha’ or ‘Mahadasha’ can present unexpected events and obstacles for some individuals, as its negative influences impact one’s well-being and overall success in various forms. Wearing a hessonite gemstone during these periods is said to help placate Rahu, reduce its negative impacts, and enhance wellness and success overall.

Healing Properties: Hessonite has long been revered for its astrological significance, but beyond this realm, it also boasts various medicinal uses, namely aiding digestion, decreasing allergies, and improving overall vitality—even helping those experiencing mental confusion to focus better. Some even use it for this purpose!

Energy and Aura: Hessonite is widely recognized as an exceptional gemstone to cultivate positive energy and strengthens one’s aura, encouraging courage, creativity, self-assurance, and resilience against obstacles in one’s path to overcome them with resilience and determination.

Chakra Alignment: The hessonite gemstone has long been connected with the Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana) and Root Chakra (Muladhara), two chakras responsible for emotional balance, creativity, and grounding.

Quality and Purity: When purchasing a hessonite stone, its authenticity and quality must be ensured. Genuine hessonites should be free from inclusions and have an impeccably polished surface; their colors vary but ideally have deep reddish-brown or orange tones.

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Before wearing any gemstone or astrological remedy, it is advisable to seek advice from an astrologer or gemstone expert. They can assess your birth chart and recommend the most suitable gemstone according to your astronomical needs and preferences.

How to Select and Wear Hessonite Gemstone (Gomed) Correctly?

Selecting and wearing Hessonite Stone (Gomed) correctly involves several essential steps that ensure its effectiveness and positive influence on one’s well-being. Here’s our guide on how you can do it properly:

Before purchasing any gemstone, including Hessonite, a qualified astrologer must be consulted to guarantee that your purchase is authentic and of high quality.

Hessonite stones come in vibrant hues of red-brown, reddish-orange, and honey yellow; choose one with vibrant coloring to ensure you receive an impressive piece.

Hessonite gems can be set with silver, gold, or panchdhatu (an alloy of five metals) settings to bring out their energy, so astrologers advise consulting your birth chart when selecting your ideal metal settings for this gemstone.

Hessonite gemstone should be worn during ‘Rahu Kaal’ on any other day; wearing it during sunrise or sunset is ideal; during its first hour is preferable.

Purification process:

Before wearing your Hessonite stone, ensure it has been cleansed properly by immersing it in a solution of raw milk, honey, pure water, and Ganga Jal (water from the Ganga River) for some time.


Rinse thoroughly afterward with clean water before drying with a soft cloth.

To activate its energy, place it in sunlight for several hours—or preferably overnight—to amplify it and activate its potential.

Vedic astrology prescribes wearing the Hessonite stone on the middle finger of one’s right hand as protection.

As recommended by an astrologist, wearing the Hessonite Stone with faith and optimism to reap maximum benefit is vital to realizing its full potential benefits.

What to Consider When Selecting Hessonite Rings or Engagement Rings:

Hessonite engagement rings make an exquisite and thoughtful choice for those drawn to their mysticism and spiritual symbolism. As mentioned earlier, Hessonite is a type of Grossular Garnet gemstone; many prefer its warm reddish-brown to reddish-orange hues when set into jewelry pieces like rings. It becomes a stunning yet meaningful piece when set as part of your collection.

Color and Clarity: When purchasing Hessonite gemstones for rings, pay special attention to their quality, color, and clarity. Look for stones with vivid reddish-brown or reddish-orange hues; this adds much-desired allure!

Hessonite rings come in various designs and settings to suit individual preferences and aesthetic considerations.


Metal Selection: Hessonite rings are often set with silver, yellow gold (yellow, white, or rose), and panchdhatu alloy (5 metal alloys).

Ring Size: A properly fitting ring offers comfort and reduces risk, such as slipping off or becoming too tight.

Customization: Why not design and craft a Hessonite ring for an entirely customized look yourself?

Care and Maintenance: Like any gemstone ring, Hessonite rings require proper maintenance to preserve their brilliance and ensure long-term brilliance.


In conclusion, the Hessonite stone, also known as Gomed or Gomedhikam, holds significant astrological and mystical significance in Vedic astrology. It is a type of grossular garnet gemstone in various shades of reddish-brown, reddish-orange, and honey-yellow.

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