5 Hot, Sassy and Decent: Here are Fashion Tips For Church Girls:

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Church Girls: Fashion dresses and tips for church girls a topics that many bloggers will choose to avoid for one reason or the other. Being on a Sunday, we must admit the fact that many ladies are struggling with looking sassy, stylish, and sexy while at the same time, they want to look decent since it is a church day. If you are that type of a lady, well, this article will best serve your interests and that of many others who still wanna rock on a Sunday.

1. Tea Dresses:

This is one of the most preferred types of dress by ladies who are in their late 30s or 40s.  Trust me when you wear this type of dress to church, you will be loved by both the adults and the children as it portrays you as sexy, pretty, and modest.

2. Chic Church Outfit;

This type of dress fits into multiple top colors. Next time you are thinking of visiting a church, think of this type of outfit and it won’t fail you.

Church Girls

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3. Pencil Skirts:

A green pencil skirt to be precise will leave you being admired by many in the church for being sassy yet very modest. As long as the skirt is on the kneels or slightly above the kneels, you are good to go.

Fashion Tips For Church Girls

source: fashiongum.com

4. Leather Jacket and red long dress:

Red fits perfectly on many occasions. Having a sassy leather jacket will not only help keep you warm but also portray you as a clean, sexy lady yet very modest in church. Coupled up with the long red dress is an added advantage.

Fashion Tips For Church Girls 1

source: Pinterest

5. Floral Maxi dress for church girls:

A girl should have endless floral dresses in her closet. Having a colorful dress that sweeps the floor is a must-have for every lady out there. This dress is perfect for church and fits in a number of outfits.

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By Alex Munene

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