Healthy Diet for a Healthy Skin

healthy skin
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healthy diet for a healthy skin 2
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Healthy skin isn’t a dream anymore. Here is a complete guide for a healthy diet you guys can follow. And most of you can adopt it as a LIFE STYLE DIET STYLE without any fear (Patients diagnosed with different diseases should consult their doctors first). Let’s have a look what should you add and stop in your diet to get a healthy and fresh skin.

Complete Diet Plan for a Healthy Skin

When we talk about healthy diet, a very common question that comes into our mind is:

How Should I take a start? OR
From Where should I get an advice?
Should I visit a nutritionist?
Should I add some more vitamins to my diet?
Should I visit my family doctor?
And many more questions like these. Don’t panic. Here is the solution.

Firstly, Make a proper schedule. You may get the idea from the following scenario.

Divide your stomach into three portions:

  1. One third water
  2. One third food
  3. One third empty


  • Never skip your breakfast.
  • Drink at least 8 glass water a day to stay hydrated (A hydrated skin is a fresh skin all we want Right!).
  • Add milk/yogurt to get calcium necessary for a good skin.
  • Make salad a part of your daily diet (You know the benefits of salad for a healthy fresh skin indeed).
healthy diet for a healthy Skin
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  • You can make different kind of salads including your favourite seasonal vegies and fruits rich in a lots of vitamins and minerals necessary for a good looking skin.
  • Eat less sweets and extra oily food (A lots of junk cause junk on your face, I mean pimples and all. You don’t want pimples I know. That’s why you’ve come here obviously.
  • Eat more fruits (Eating seasonal fruits helps in maintaining a healthy you.
  • Eat an apple daily (“Eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away” ,a common saying).
  •  Eat almonds daily. Almonds contain vitamins and minerals necessary for a glowing and well nourished skin.

Healthy Skin Yes, BUT What About the Taste of Tongue?

Devil makes us afraid of getting good lol. But no need to bother at all. Once you’ll get in, you’ll start enjoying. It’s not a fact we lose the taste of tongue by eating fruits and vegetables rather we’ll be aware of the real taste of the nature (Consistency is a must buddy).

Mind diet

Life Style Diet to maintain a healthy Skin 2
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  • Morning walk; helps to improve mood and blood circulation which is necessary for you to look young and fresh.
  • Yoga/Meditation; helps to cure huge skin problems and give you your desired body shape and healthy skin.
  • Jogging; regulates your blood circulation from tip to toe and hence keep you active and energetic enough to feel fresh.
  • Proper sleep; no need to say anything. Just take a proper good night sleep and look yourself into the mirror. You can easily differentiate between last night skin condition and the wakeup skin look.

Experts’ recommendations for Healthy Skin

  • Always wear your sunscreen while going outside.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Do not touch your face again and again.
  • Use correct cleanser for your skin type.
  • Choose skin care products according to Understand your skin type
  • Try to do less makeup. Although its not easy for you ladies lol BUT doing light makeup is in fashion now a days Right!. One looks more elegant with light makeup.

Life Style Diet Style to maintain a healthy Skin


Life Style Diet Style to maintain a healthy Skin
Image Credit: Pablo Merchán Montes

A balanced diet may refer to the following food groups:

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▪︎Food full of starch such as rice, potatoes, pasta, whole grain foods like bread, rusk etc
▪︎Fruits and vegetables (especially green veggies)
▪︎Foods rich in protein and fibre such as yoghurt, whole grain bread, chicken, beans, milk, cheese etc
▪︎5 simple tips to make your diet balance and healthier:

  1. Eat less salt
  2. Cut down on deserts
  3. Base your meals on higher fibre starchy carbohydrates
  4. Make breakfast an essential part of your diet
  5. Stay patient and consistent

Know Your Soul Diet

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Healthy food boosts our immune system and helps us fighting obesity and negativity which obviously reveals on our skin and body. We don’t look fresh and pretty enough if we’re negative inside. Negativity ruins our skin’ freshness. That’s why before having a good food, a positive mindset is very necessary to have a real healthy and flawless skin. Right amount of nutrients decides the health of a body. Healthy food is essential to make your skin look healthy.

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A search in Canada reveals that It is hard to keep track of what is healthy. 22% of people agreed to this idea.

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Healthy food is all about having the positive energy, it’s about improving your mental and physical health and preparing you to fight throughout your life. Some people consider eating such food a strict limit to their lives which isn’t true at all. If you think you are the only one overwhelmed by this obsession you are theoretically not right. Instead, once you’ll get into the obsession of getting a healthy body, it’ll be difficult for you to come out of it as you’ll be feeling a great positive change in yourself. An unusual and amazing change in your body and skin inside and outside won’t let you run out of it.

What are you waiting for then? Get up today Instead get up now! Make a diet schedule on your own because you know the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy habit, you know how to look beautiful now.

By Azka Noor

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