Health and Beauty of Your Hands and Body

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Don’t compromise with the health and beauty of your hands and give first priority to the health and beauty of your body. Here we will discuss a Healthy Body and Hands.

** Health and Beauty of your hands**

We are always busy with our work. At the same time, we have to take care of our hands. Keeping them soft and beautiful is our job. If we give proper attention to them we can keep many problems away. How? Let’s know it.

1) Don’t wash your hands with hard soaps :

Know about your soaps before using them. Your soap must contain moisturizing elements like aloe vera and butter.

2) Sunshine will give relief :

Many of us feel pain in the hands and skin gets dry due to excessive workload. Little sunshine is greatly beneficial for the skin. So try to remain in the sunshine for some time every day. So that our body can produce vitamin D. It saves us from joint pain.

3) Rubbing hands with coconut oil :

Even coconut oil is very beneficial for dry skin. Coconut oil is as safe and effective as petroleum jelly to cure dry skin. It is helpful in skin dehydration. When rubbed, it gives comfort to hands.

4) Cut your nails regularly :

Use your personal nail clippers to cut your nails. Don’t share your nail clipper with anyone, because it can cause transfer of micro bacterias in the nails and infection due to them. Don’t use rusted nail clippers because they can cause skin infections.

5) Exfoliate your hands :

Like we exfoliate our face, the same process we have to apply on our hands. It removes dead skin cells and softens your hands. You can also rub your hands with olive oil.

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6) Maintain softness :

i) If your hands become dry, you can apply aloe vera gel on dry parts. Because aloe vera is considered one of the best moisturizers.

ii) It is found in some researches that honey is not only beneficial and effective in dryness of skin but also it can cure many skin diseases. Honey is one of the best household remedies.

iii ) If the skin is so much dry, olive oil does a miracle. You can apply olive oil according to your need. But after application covers your hands with gloves or a plastic wrapper for some hours or for a night.

**Health and Beauty of your body**

Nothing is more important than our existence on this Earth. To save our existence, we must give the first priority to our health. Everybody wants to look beautiful and healthy. But for the good shape of our body, improvements in its weight and maintain it; we must have proper eating habits. But how do we look at good habits? So irritating, right. Then gradually we fall prey to bad eating habits due to our laziness and due to satiate our tongue.

What are these habits? How to stay away from them?

1) The first habit is to avoid drinking a lot of water :

Unlike tea, juices, and soda, water does not have a smell and taste, but our body always needs it. Our body is made up of 70% water. Our body organs work properly when they are provided with water regularly. Drinking enough water gives countenance to the capacity of our brain. Drinking enough water reduces stress, mental exhaustion, and headache.

2) The second bad habit is forgetting brisk walking :

There is no better exercise than taking walks. But man has stuck in this fast pacing world and has forgotten about walking. Even if we have to go to the corner shop, we apply keys to our motorbike. Regular walking exercises not only reduce the grossness of our body but also improve our immunity. We can keep away many illnesses by taking walks. We have already accepted a lifestyle where we have to seat and work, therefore we are prone to many ailments. In such conditions instead of recognizing the importance of walking, we have adopted a habit to use our motorbikes even for small distances.

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3) The next is bad sleeping habits :

Enough rest and enough sleep are necessary to run every mechanism of our body smoothly. Our brain rests when we sleep and it works effectively and in great intensity. When we sleep our body repairs various internal organs. Our immunity boosts when we get 7 hours’ quality sleep. On the other hand, if we don’t get enough sleep, it has an effect on the capacity of our brain and it weakens our immunity.

4) The next habit is affinity to junk food :

Many of us, instead of taking meals take fried food and to avoid junk food take packaged food. We think that packaged food contains low calories and we think we are eating healthy food. But we are unaware, most of the packaged food contains a lot of sodium and testing powder-like harmful chemicals. Therefore the body feels a deficiency of water and we can suffer high blood pressure.

5) Bad habit of smoking :

‘Smoking kills’ we read everywhere but some of us simply overlook this warning. If you don’t smoke and if you are in the company of smokers, it has a very bad effect on your respiratory system and your health comes in danger. If you cannot tell others not to smoke but you can certainly stay away from smokers. You can tell your friends, colleagues, and relatives not to smoke.

6) Next bad habit is indulging in arguments :

This is the worst of all habits. There is no need to argue if somebody comments on you and or on the way you work and there is no need for everyone should uphold the way you work. Basically who speaks about you is important. If your seniors speak about you, it is expected that you should improve your working style. But if the people, who don’t have rights talk about you as gossiping, simply neglect it. There is no need to become emotional if somebody says something. In addition to it, some people live their lives like they have very serious problems and have a lot of serious issues. They don’t have smiles on their faces. Smiling and laughing trigger our blood circulation and we feel energetic.

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By Sainath Pathak



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