HAIR TREATMENTS: At Home With Natural Things

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Today we talk about how can we take care of our hair without going to any parlor or salon at home in a natural way.

In today’s time, people start being very busy because of their work due to which people if their work are not able to take care of their hair. So for taking care of our hair people go to a parlor or salon to give treatment for their hair. Where they are offered expensive hair treatments by parlors or salons and people get ready to do those expensive hair treatments.

hair treatments salon
hair treatments

Where people not only spent a lot of money but also waste a lot of time. The treatment they have done is only for a short period of time like two or three months.

The glow brought by this treatment is only for a short time, a maximum of two to three months. After that to such a glow, you have to go to the parlor or salon again. But these hair treatments which are done in parlors or salons are full of chemicals that initially give benefits but later do more harm than good.

hair treatments home remedies 1

On but other hand Home remedies are completely natural because all ingredients are given by nature and they are chemicals, they also give natural benefits which last for a long time, and only from them, there is no chance of harm.

Let us see which home items and home remedies we can use for our hair.

1) Onion Juice

hair treatments home remedies onion
hair treatments home remedies onion 2

Onion is the most beneficial thing for hair. Because onions have a good amount of sulfur which is very good for hair and scalp and helps other hairs grow and helps a lot in thickening hair.


Sulfur is found in a good amount of onion, which is a very good source for hair, sulfur helps in increasing the blood circulation of the scalp, which helps in hair growth and helps and also in the growth of new hair.

Properties of onion

Apart from sulfur, elements like folic acid, potassium, protein, and Vitamin-C are also found in onions which are very beneficial for hair.

Now let’s talk about what are the disadvantages of using too much onion juice.

If onion juice is used excessively then it becomes harmful to hair. Excessive use of onion juice causes dryness in the hair,

Absorbs natural oil from the scalp and dries out the moisture, which is not good for the hair at all.

How to use

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First of all, take an onion of medium size, grate it in a grater, and squeeze the juice of that grated onion with your hands, then with your fingers, apply that juice to your hair and scalp, then apply the juice to your hair and scalp, massage the head with fingers and leave it for a half hour and maximum one hour, then wash the head and do this at least twice a week.

2) Indian Gooseberry ( Amla ) 


hair treatments home remedies gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry is a sour fruit and a kind of herb which is called Amla in India. This fruit is also considered good for hair and using amla makes hair thick, long, and strong. Amla not only keeps the hair thick, long, and strong it also keeps hair black. At the same time, it also removes dandruff and itching from the scalp.

Properties of Amla

Vitamin- A and vitamin- C are found in plenty of Amla. Which benefits hair in many ways as you read about.

How to use

To use Amla, first, take two or three Amla and grate them into a grater, squeeze the grated amla with your hands, and take out its juice.

If you want you can add q few drops of lemon to that Amla juice or any oil like ( olive oil ) otherwise only Amla juice is enough. Then apply that juice to the roots of your hair with help of your fingers and massage it well leave it for some twenty to thirty minutes and then wash your hand.


Follow this process continuously for three months, twice a week, if you use Amla juice too much, then it can harm your hair. As drying hair, stripping hair of moisture, etc.

3) Egg


hair treatments home remedies egg
hair treatments home remedies egg 2

The third thing is Egg. The egg is also considered a very good source of hair because everyone knows that egg is full of protein, and protein is the most important property of hair. The use of eggs gives softness to the hair shine to the hair and also helps them to grow and make it strong.

Properties of egg 

Everyone knows that protein is found in plenty in eggs, which is considered very good for hair.

But when it comes to using egg white is considered very good for hair and this is my own experience.

And always remember that don’t use the whole egg according to me just use the white part of an egg. And whenever you use the white part of the egg for your hair, you do not need to mix anything else in it, just the egg is enough for your hair.

How to use


To use an egg, you just have to take an egg, break it and separate the yolk from the white and apply that egg white to your hair with the help of your fingers from the root of the hair to the tip of the hair till the end.

You can do this two or three times a week. too much use of egg white can make hair weak or make hair less strong.

Because of this, excessive use of egg white can make hair sticky because eggs contain protein, or taking too much protein is not good for hair.

4) Curd



hair treatments home remedies curd
hair treatments home remedies curd 2

The fourth thing considered best for hair is Curd. Curd has moisturizing properties which make the hair soft, and smooth and add shine to the hair, and it removes dead skin from our hair.

Properties of curd

Lactic acid content is found in curd which completes the amount of nutrition in the hair and helps in strengthening the hair.

How to use

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It is very easy to apply curd to hair. What you have to do is take two or three spoons of curd in a small bowl and apply that curd with the help of your fingers. from the roots of your hair to the ends of your hair and massage your scalp.

      Those people who have oily hair should not use curd at all because curd already has moisturizing properties so it can make your hair sticky which is not right at all.

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By Pavitra

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