Hair Care: Feed Your Hair

Hair Care
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Opinionatedly, hair care is a sign of loving yourself. Actually, hairs play an important role in a girl’s beauty. Regardless, of which kind of hair you have you just have to take care of your hair. Hairs demand continuous care otherwise they get rough and damaged. Personally, I will share with you my hair care secrets which are very convenient.

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Commonly, we don’t have time to take care of our hair properly. Basically, I have instructions for both men and women as I am talking about human hair. In reality, both should take care of their hair. Otherwise, once they have become rough or spoiled then there is no return back. I am sharing very short and easy things with you.

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Hair Care #1 Oiling

Firstly, always oil your hair. They have a great need for oils. Remember, always use natural essential oils. In care, if you have difficulty in oiling then. Only, the thing you have to do is after every shower take 3 to 4 drops of any natural oil and apply them to the hair.

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Essentially, the oils have vitamins A, B, E, and D, proteins, irons, copper, and folic acids. All these have an important role in keeping the health of haires i.e., shine, length, keratin, and hair follicles to grow better.

Presently, it is easier than applying lumps of oils before having a shower and has a great role in protecting your hair. Moreover, the oil will remain in your hair all the time. In addition, you will feel to have more soft hair than ever before.

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Hair Care #2 Liver of Animals

In reality, food has a great role in solving thousands of problems in the human body. For every problem, there is a specific food that has the potential to solve the root problem of that issue. Normally, for hair health and even iron deficiency, the liver of animals has no alternative. Seriously, it has magic for hair problems and anemic victims.

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Necessarily, it has a vast amount of vitamin A which is extremely essential for eye and skin care. Furthermore, for proper growth of and natural/neutral weight of hair, it’s very important as well. So, from now every person facing hair issues including blood deficiency should have to consume animals’ livers. Confidently, eat animal liver for 1 to 2 months and thank me later.


Additionally, use almonds, dry fruits, and fresh veggies and fruits. Subsequently, these all are recommended things for professionals and working people to having care of them.

Hair Care #3 Brushing

Importantly, brushing hair is very common. Brushing has a great impact on hair. Commonly, brushing has a way to make your hair look good and giving them a style. Well, brushing also has some rules. Normally, we brush our hair carelessly but hair needs to have great care. So, brush your hair while you are sitting, don’t brush them while standing.Hair Care 008

Consequently, you should have great love and care for your hair because they need it. You don’t need to have expensive treatments, expensive products, and other extra things. Because they are just a waste of money and in the end, you all have left with damage and a drop of volume in hairs.

Furthermore, brush your hair before going to bed, it will help to spread the oils or serums equally in the hair. Additionally, it improves the flow of blood through the veins in the head. Don’t let your hair shed or get rough before their time.

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By Rabia Syeda

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