Hacks for healthy,free from frizz hair

Hairfall ,thin hair ,frizzy hair ,and dry damaged hair is one the most common problems that ppl do face nowadays here r some of the tips to get healthy hair with improved texture:

1-correct ways to wash them:

Always go for a mild shampoo and if u have extreme hairfall problem then add vitamin e capsules into your shampoos ‘ bottle to control it.Always be very gentle while shamppoing your hair use the tips of ur figures while washing them and to avoid frizz always always start shampooing yhem from top to bottom very gently don’t reverse their direction.



Use any kind of oil that you like for ur hair once in a week.heat some oil in a bowl by double boiling method (as direct heating destroys ots nutrients).

3-diy hair packs:

Always go for a liitle mild pack in your hair care routine as natural ingredients r better than chemicals

Use can either add a tablespoon of coconut oil in mayonnaise and leave it for 30 minutes or for the second pack you have to take a bowl of hot water and tgen ad some tea leaves into it .ehen the water gets its colur stain the tea leaves and now add a liitle aloe vera gel to it and apply it over ur hair and leave it for few hours .and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.


4-aloe vera:

Use aloe vera 15 minutes before u r going to wash ur jair as it provides nourishment to ur hair.

5.always avoid heat equippments :

It should be our top most priority but we cannot go for it often so an another ways is to use either a heat protectant of any brand or aloe vera gel as it is a natural heat protectant.

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