Guide To Choosing Colorful Jewelry For Your Skin Tone

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Who doesn’t like looking their best when stepping out of their house? We always make sure that we wear outfits that complement our body type, height, skin tone, and even hair color! So, why make an exception when it comes to jewelry? The same rule applies to jewelry, as you want it to match your style.

While your body shape, height, or hair color might not make a significant difference, your skin tone influences your choice of colorful jewelry pieces.


Choosing Colorful Jewelry For Your Skin Tone

The Diverse Gemstone Jewelry

If you are a fan of gemstone jewelry, you can relate to how challenging it can be to pick the right gemstone, thanks to the diverse color spectrum of stones.

However, have you ever noticed that some gemstones bring out the best in you, while some appear clashy against you? Because of the way your skin tone interacts or contrasts with various hues, some colors may look better on you than they do on your friend! And vice-versa! Similarly, some colored gemstones jewelry, such as sapphire jewelry, looks great on everyone. Isn’t this color theory fascinating?

If you are curious to learn which color gemstones will flatter your skin tone, here’s all you need to know!

Warm Skin Tone

You have a warm skin tone if your complexion has overtones of yellow or gold and the veins on your wrist or arms reveal a greenish hue in the daylight. It is possible that you have melanin-rich skin or ivory-colored skin.

So, if you are sure that your skin has a warm glow, consider these stunning natural and earthy-colored gemstones to adorn your rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.


Alexandrite, the two-in-one stone, also known as ‘Emerald by day and Ruby by night,’ is a great gemstone choice for people with a warm skin tone. The greenish and reddish hues of this gemstone bring out and enhance the warm glow of the wearer. As the June birthstone, it is also ideal for those born in June.



Garnets are well-known for their pomegranate-like red color. This January birthstone goes well with a warm skin tone.


garnet jewelry

Yellow Diamonds

Who doesn’t love diamonds? They are beautiful and shiny. But did you know that you can also find colorful diamonds? The yellow diamond is one of the many colored diamonds. And lucky for you, these look amazing on people with a warm skin tone!

These sunny-colored diamonds are available in different shades, ranging from light yellow to fancy vivid yellow.


Are you looking for a feminine pink shade that is not too intense and dark for your warm skin tone? The blushing and rosy tones of morganite stone are a perfect match to complement your warm glowing skin.

Yellow Sapphire

Just like diamonds, even sapphires come in colors other than blue. Yellow sapphires are a must-have in your jewelry collection if your skin stone radiates a warm glow.

Cool Skin Tone

Your skin tone is cool if it has pink or red undertones and the veins appear blue or purple in natural light. People with cool tones should wear gemstones that are brightly colored.


Aquamarine has a cool oceanic blue hue that not only refers to the color of water but also the sky. March borns are lucky to have it as their birthstone!

Gold Wedding Band Rings


Emeralds are available in a range of colors, from dark to light, and bring out the features of people with cool skin tones.

Pink Tourmaline

Another gemstone that is perfect for people with cool tones is pink tourmaline, which is known for its vibrant and electric pink hues.


Peridot gemstone has a popping and crisp color that looks amazing on cool skin tones. It is the favored stone of August borns.

peridot jewelry


Tanzanite has a very bright and intense violetish-blue hue, which complements cool-toned skins.

Neutral Colors

Aside from warm and cool colors, you can also find colors that look great on everyone, irrespective of their skin tone. The neutral shades generally include gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and pearls. If you are considering getting a piece of gemstone jewelry, you can get sapphire jewelry, as it is neutral and perfect for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect gemstone from a variety of options can be overwhelming. However, when you know what colors flatter your skin tone, picking the right gemstone becomes easier. But if you are still unsure, you can always go for a classic neutral-hued gemstone! Or you can consult our gemologists.

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