Guide on: How to Choose the Correct BB Belt Size

BB Belt best
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It might seem very easy to choose your bb belt size. Well it’s not as easy as it sounds, here are some tips; Welcome to our exclusive blog on how to choose the correct BB Belt size for yourself and your friends. Not very many people know that behind what we know today as a BB Simon belt is Simon Tavassolia. In fact, if you had heard its name for the first time, you would most likely have shrugged your shoulders and recognized that it doesn’t mean anything to you. True BB strap enthusiasts know this. She launched the brand for the first time in 1987. Below are some of the tips on how to choose the BB belt size:

1. Approximate your waist size: BB Belt

Choose the appropriate size, the most common way to determine the size of a bb belt is to approximate by the measurement of your waist, if your waist is for example 34 inches then go for a 36-38 inches bb belt.

BB Belt best

2. The chart bar:

Preferably look at the size chart bar, different brands, and retailer suppliers have different size ranges that may make your waits uncomfortable if not considered.
Waist size measurement (inches) Belts size(inches)
46-50 48-52
52-56 54-58
58-62 60-64
64-68 66-70
70-74 68-72

3. If possible, wear it first: BB Belt

Try the belt on if possible, if the retailer has no issue with you trying it on it would be the right move to help you not buy the wrong belt size and regret it later.

best BB Belt

4. Holes positioning:

Try considering the position of the holes, the holes on a bb belt will much matter when it comes to the size of the area around your waist, if your waist size is not complete in between sizes, a bb belt with more holes on it would help.

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6. Your waistline: BB Belt

Measure your nature waistline, this would greatly enable the accuracy of the bb belt size while purchasing, make sure the tape is loose but not too loose and just firm enough not to move along your waist. It’s important to stand in a relaxed, natural position–do not push out your belly or suck it in–when taking the measurement tape on a flat surface or your previous belt .


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