Guaranteed No Stress Winter Color

The easiest way to look fresh and current without buying into style trends is to adopt a few seasonal colors into your wardrobe.

Have difficulty with what to wear this winter? If so then you are in the right place.

For this year, Pantone recommends colors that support our lifestyle: colors that encourage personal expression whether sensible or quirky; colors that embrace calm and healing as well as express a rainbow of hope and joyfulness. Pantone Color Institute™ is recognized around the world as a leading source of color information through seasonal trend forecasts, custom color development, and palette recommendations for product and corporate identity.

These colors can be applicable in other seasons but specifically in this season. Some of them are;


Mykonos Blue

Pantone describes this color as ‘A brisk blue evocative of the Aegean Sea’. Goes well with Dark yellow [Olive tone]. It’s suited between green and blue.



Described as ‘Friendly and joyful, an optimistic yellow which offer the promise of a sunny day’. And wear by combining it with a great dark blue shade as well as ultimate gray.



Leprechaun is a wondrous green hue emblematic of the mythical imps featured in Irish folklore. It is a mixture of green and cyan color, that goes with a dark violet color.


Fuchsia Fedora

‘Vivid Fuchsia Fedora is a flirtatious, bold pink with allure’. This color works for the summer season also.


Pale Rosette

Pantone describes this color as ‘An endearing and gentle romantic pink’.



Adobe is a warm and supportive sun-dried clay. It goes well with jungle green color, this combination provides high contrast and high impact.


Fire Whirl

A vigorous red with a dynamic presence. This red is warm, leaning into the orange family. It will look amazing in warm autumn, deep autumn, and deep winter.



Rhodonite is a balancing blue-based purple that aids in achieving one’s highest potential.


Spring Lake

This color is a quiet and restful mid-tone blue.


Root Beer

This deep shade is An herbal brown tone symbolic of the root bark of the sassafras tree. It will function well as a nearly neutral, and consider it similar to a universal chocolate brown.




If you have similar colors already in your wardrobe, use them as a replacement. Remember always follow your personal style.

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