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  • Nirmal Kumar

    March 18, 2022 at 4:58 pm

    If you are really serious about your weight and you are short of time due to job responsibilities then you will have to pay more attention to your diet plan.

    Food has a very important place in losing weight. If you talk about diet plan, then I would like to suggest you that

    Breakfast – 1 banana, oats or sprouts

    Lunch – 1 roti, low oil vegetable and salad. ,

    Dinner- A glass of milk without sugar and porridge or veg khichdi will keep you light.

    Pre-workout meal – two glasses of lukewarm water

    Post Workout Meal – Two glasses of lukewarm water, 6 soaked almonds, 6 soaked Raisins and some fruits

    Apart from the diet plan, I would like to tell you that self-investment is also very important, which you will definitely get the benefit of.

    The Smoothie Diet and plans have been suggested and people have got a lot of benefits from it.

    If you also want, you can try this product and try it, you will definitely get the benefit and it does not have any side effect.