The World of Cannabis-Infused Beverages

  • The World of Cannabis-Infused Beverages

    Posted by Ann Lee on November 29, 2023 at 7:54 pm

    Cannabis-infused beverages offer an intriguing new way to enjoy cannabis, providing a refreshing alternative to smoking or edibles. Cannabis beverages can help boost energy, relax and socialize without the hangovers or empty calories of alcoholic drinks.

    These cutting-edge drinks use nanoemulsion technology to break down oils into components that blend easily with water. The top products use this approach.

    What is CBD?

    THC and CBD drinks are becoming a more prominent trend in the cannabis market. Intended to deliver lower potency levels than other cannabis products, they’re perfect for newcomers or anyone seeking a quick acting experience.

    Cannabis-infused beverages come in an assortment of flavors and sizes. Their dosage varies, ranging from low milligrams up to multiple hundreds, depending on what effect is intended by each product.

    Cannabis-infused beverages offer an instant and discreet cannabis experience without producing smoke or vapor, making them the ideal option for Dry January participants or anyone seeking a non-alcoholic alternative to smoking cannabis.

    What is THC?

    THC , or the psychoactive component found in cannabis, induces feelings of relaxation and altered consciousness. As an effective ingredient for ingestion or skin absorption, THC provides an intense experience that alters perception.

    Cannabis-infused drinks can be safe and enjoyable when used at the appropriate dose, providing many people with a fulfilling drinking experience. Before purchasing and consuming, however, it’s essential that ingredients, reviews, regulations, and laws are reviewed thoroughly prior to consumption.

    THC-infused beverages can be created using various base ingredients such as sparkling water, tea, coffee, kombucha, juices or soda. THC is extracted using liquid CO2 and short path distillation to produce high-quality and safe products that hit consumers within 15-30 minutes compared to edibles which take 45-90 minutes before reaching bloodstreams – providing users with faster acting effects than edibles alone.

    How do I know if I’m high?

    Cannabis-infused beverages offer a more subtle high than edible products, taking 30 to four hours for their effects to take hold. Containing various amounts of THC, they may produce various symptoms including relaxation, stress relief, drowsiness and euphoria.

    These drinks contain anywhere from 2 mg to 100-200 mg of THC per 8 oz can, though most are tailored to provide a lower dosage experience and avoid an overwhelming or uncomfortable high. As such, they’re the ideal solution for individuals looking for an enjoyable high without experiencing an uncomfortable sensation.

    Pre-parties or social events that include drinks can also benefit from this beverage, since it helps relax nerves and relieve anxiety before an event takes place. Make sure to also drink plenty of water and have snacks nearby should your appetite spike!

    How do I know if I’m safe?

    Cannabis-infused beverages offer an easy and discreet way to consume cannabis, with companies creating drinks ranging from coffee and water, through energy drinks to non-alcoholic beer and wine.

    Consuming any kind of edible is never without risk, but beverage-based cannabis products may present a less hazardous alternative than other methods. They’re processed through digestion rather than breathing in smoke directly – potentially decreasing intoxicating effects for some users.

    Many drinkables contain pre-measured doses of THC and CBD that provide a more consistent experience and help consumers manage their dosage, giving consumers more accurate dosage control than inhaling an edible. Drinkables also capitalize on cultural trends to promote healthier ways to relax and unwind – another aspect the beverage industry leverages on marketing angle of health and wellness.

    Where can I find CBD-infused beverages?

    CBD provides many benefits, from pain relief and anxiety relief, stress management and insomnia relief, reduction of nausea to increasing neurogenesis – or stimulating brain cell growth.

    Many beverage brands are now offering CBD-infused drinks with organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, appealing to customers’ increasing interest in health and wellness. Alcohol sales are decreasing while consumers increasingly prefer non-alcoholic drinks for health purposes.

    Copa CBD in Bend, Oregon utilizes nano-enhanced hemp to craft its line of sparkling waters – Blue Beary, Tropical and Wildberry – available only in select locations with an “up or down” dosage system for best results. Olala uses tinctures instead of sparkling waters when creating their CBD-infused sodas.

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