Great body fit for great fashion.


In this world of fashion “what could be fashion without fitness” and a body fit for fashion?

Recently I met with some friends who are into this world with me. We as friends have come together to create a community of fashion designers so once in a while we meet with the sole aim of discussing how to make our world easier and better. Believe me, I have heard so many hilarious unbelievable things.

Body Fit

Two issues we discussed were

1. knowing your client’s body shape

This issue has been the most hilarious one because I believe if you are not familiar with it you can misplace your client’s body fitting, we have to take out our time to deal with this issue.

If you can tell your client’s body shape, you can as well give your clients the fitting you want and will be perfect for your client.

2. fashion colors

Have you been at a crossroads where you have been confused about the colour combination to use for your client? You are not the only one, all of us have faced these challenges.

Follow me as I dissect these important issues in our world. Anticipate for more.

I took out my time to gallantly research these issues.


If you are a fashion lover you will agree with me that knowing your client’s body shape results in a great fitting.

As a fashion lover, you might find this helpful, follow me as I walk you down the aisle. These are your body shapes;

Apple shape: if you want to tell if you have an Apple shape, these are the things to look out for; your hips and shoulders have the same size. Apple-shaped have tiny differences between the measurements of their waist, chest and hips. Apple-shaped have chest and waist measurements that are relatively close, but their hips are about six inches less than their chest. They usually gain weight around the waist, this is in proportion to the other parts of their body.

Body fit for fashion

Pear shape: if you want to tell if you have a pear shape, these are the things to look out for. Usually, your hip is broader than your shoulder, both are wider than your bust.

Your hip is bigger than your shoulder and bust size. The pear body shape usually gains weight on their thigh.

Hourglass shape: if you want to tell if you are Hourglass consider these, your shoulder and hip are about the same size. You have a significantly small waistline. your waist is smaller than your shoulder, bust and hip size. As an hourglass, you gain weight on your hips and above your waist.

Rectangle shape: if you want to tell if you have a Rectangle body shape you might want to look out for these: your shoulders, bust, waistline and hip sizes are the same. Rectangle shape has an athletic body frame this allows them to wear boyish clothes and as well slay in girlish clothes. They usually have straight shoulders. They gain weight in every part of their body mostly on their upper back and neck.


Inverted triangle: if you want to know if you have an inverted triangle shape look out for this characteristic, your shoulder is wider than your hips, and your shoulder is the widest part of your body. You might have a larger chest and a fuller back.

Inverted body shapes gain weight on their torso and back area.


In every category, you find yourself or your client just knowing you can slay while wearing your body-shaped outfit. Warning don’t be like my friend that gave her client an hourglass shape for a rectangle shape body, you don’t want to imagine how it looked.

I hope with this you will be able to know what to wear to that party and make people admire you both far and close.

Anticipate for more…

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